All good things must come to an end…

Since Saturday was our last night in the city, we thought it would be good to go out – because clearly we hadn’t done enough drinking! =) Jennifer wasn’t feeling too good so she opted to stay in and watch football and order Chinese take-out – that was really fun to do too!!! I’m glad we were all still there when it arrived!
The rest of us got dressed up to go dancing and what not… Our first stop was Nick’s apartment (Ari’s brother). And Nick’s roommate Ben. Nick was a wonderful host and had beer, wine and even a few snacks for us! It must run in the family – being an excellent host/ess that is…
We decided to have sushi that evening and made reservations at Sushi Samba in the Village. When we were leaving to go to dinner, IT WAS SNOWING!!!! It was so pretty and we were glad we got to see it snow and even more glad that it had stopped and was gone by the time we finished dinner. Dinner was great, we had an awesome corner booth and ate all kinds of sushi! They had a signature “drink tree” that has 12 mini wine glasses full of tasty libations! Yummy! 6 people 12 drinks $60 bucks – what a steal! We’ll take 2 please.
After dinner, most all appropriate pictures ceased, and we walked a few blocks to a bar called Fat Black Pussy Cat – hmmmm – well it was just fine and had alcohol, so what – who cares what it’s called. As we were all digging out our ID’s to go in, Brittany realized that she did not have her purse! Fortunately, Nick still had the # to Sushi Samba in his phone and he was able to track down the purse and they went back to get it. We had a few rounds of drinks and then went to some other bar that no one can remember the name of – but we ended up staying way late after hours and dancing dancing dancing!!!
You may be thinking – WOW these girls sure know how to have a good time, and you would be correct in that thought process. You may also be thinking – is this trip EVER going to end? Oh yes – we had a car picking us up at 5 am Sunday morning.
HOLD ON – dancing after hours you say? – how is that going to end up? Actually – all very well!!! We stayed up all night long – left the bar about 3:45 am caught a taxi home, packed in a fury no one could ever beat, showered off the bar funk AND had all of our bags (evenly weight distributed) down stairs along with our happy drunk faces and our hog shirts by 4:57! Just in time to say bye to the door man and hop in the limo.
I personally think that’s the way to go – no risk of over sleeping – you can sleep on the plane – that’s my motto – right after a nice refreshing cran-apple juice!!!

We made it to the airport in time and actually got on an earlier flight – yay, go us!

Now, if you are reading this and have not read the previous posts then you need to scroll down – there are too many stories prior not to miss – so scurry on down to the post that is titled Nerd Packing 101 and then work your way all the way back up – it’s worth it, I promise!


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  1. Oh my. I haven’t been to the city since October. After traveling there monthly for 8 months I was getting a little, “east coasted out,” and now… officially jealous.

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