Quality Meats and Whiskey Park

After the show as we were beaming from ear to ear we started to walk back to our apartment with the thought of stopping along the way and getting a quick bite to eat then moving on to, you guessed it, drinks.
We stopped and asked a door man for suggestions and he suggested Quality Meats on 58th Street between 5th and 6th – well that was funny – we were staying on 58th Street between 5th and 6th and we had seen some place (and of course made fun of) called Quality Meats full well knowing that just that phrase alone would make our husbands/boyfriends giggle with boyish oddness… and we thought it was a butcher shop. Boy were we wrong. It was so great. One of the best parts was our waitress – she knew everything and so we pretty much just let her order for us. So much for our quick bite – we all had filets and a huge assortment of sides AND we split 3 desserts among us.
On our way out, we stopped to talk to the managers and let them know how awesome our waitress was. Somehow it came up that we had yet to see any celebs and then it was revealed that our waitress Robin was actually a celeb in her own right – she played Simba’s mom in the Broadway production of The Lion King AND she played a lawyer in 2 episodes of Lipstick Jungle – which we all love!!! I couldn’t find her on IMDB but if she turns up, I’ll be sure to post it.

After our delish meal, we headed across the street to Whisky Park Bar – which was only a block away from our apartment and right across from Central Park. It was a very swank bar and we were lucky enough to get a great table by a window. They had a fabulous drink list – so we all got different drinks to pass around. Ari’s younger brother lives in NYC and he and his friend Geoff came out to meet us – we all had a great time reliving Wicked and our wonderful meal! This was probably my favorite night!!!!


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  1. I think I took that photograph of you.
    Thanks for the nice blog. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1120772/
    I was actually on the first episode of LIPSTICK JUNGLE as the school secretary, but I just booked a recurring role on FINGE as an agent. I think the episodes will air in a few weeks.
    It was a pleasure serving you!

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