NYC here we come – after a stop in Little Rock

On Wednesday night, after I FINALLY got off of work, I picked up Jennifer and we headed to meet up with Amanda and Brittany. Of course that was the afternoon I was scheduled to present to be in a presentation with a senior management audience and they just wanted to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. Normally never a bad problem to have, however I was very ready to be officially on VACATION!!!
We hit the road to head south to Little Rock to Ari’s house. We were super ready to fly out on Thursday morning even though it was super early – just meant we started vacation earlier in the day! We got to Ari’s in record time, even in the rain and promptly popped open a couple bottle of champagne to celebrate not only the start of our first annual THSC Girls trip but also to belatedly celebrate Ari’s birthday. It was great way to start our trip and a wonderful way to celebrate Ari’s birthday all at the same time.
We went to bed relatively early so that we could catch our super early flight!!!

So let the story begin….
I’ll try to keep the events in some sort of chronlogical order, but I make no gurantees – as you’ll see toward the end… time gets a bit lost!


I made journals for all the girls to take with them. I thought it would be a good idea and everyone could use it for many different things such as making lists of things they wanted to accomplish or writing down memories or keeping track of all the excitement. And also so I wouldn’t forget anything to post on the blog.
JC took it to a new level – she illustrated! It was great, she’s quite the artist! I had no idea she was so talented. I think we all learned a little bit more about everyone on this trip.


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