Nerd Packing 101: Packing for NYC

I always pack way too much when I go anywhere – hell I probably take to much with me to work everyday in my purse. So with this trip I was determined not to over pack for a few reasons 1) I would have to haul it all around with me 2) If your bag is over 50 pounds they charge you an ass ton of money and most importantly, I wanted to have lots of room to bring back all of my pre-determined shopping extravaganza finds. So I employed a nerd packing spreadsheet outfit tracking CHART! As you can see, I planned out what I would wear – an average of 2 outfits per day and then I listed out all other necessities such as make up, accessories and hair fixin’ stuff.
It was extremely helpful in my packing adventure. I also suggest having a fashion show prior to packing or while packing – this way you know exactly how each piece can fit together and if you can wear things in different pairings. I happened upon AB’s house as she was packing and got a sneak peak at what she was bringing – a mini fashion show of sorts.


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