Cran-Apple Plane Ettiquette in the friendly skies of mid-America

So Thursday morning we actually made it out the door only about 5 minutes late, which I consider a huge accomplishment! We got to the airport – check – bags checked – check everyone’s back under 50 pounds – almost check … Amanda’s bag was 51 pounds but the nice woman at the counter let her slide “this time” and immediately a plan was made to redistribute boots and jeans for the trip home – just in case. No worries though, Brittany’s bag was only 37 pounds – she packed nothing apparently. Find a Starbucks inside security – check – board plane – check –
Finally find out the true meaning behind of the mystical cran-apple juice – check. WAIT what? Cran-apple is not it’s own fruit – I kid you not – and neither did our awesomely snarky flight attendant. He very graciously explained to the plane full of people bound for Chicago that cran-apple juice was a blend of cranberry juice and apple juice. He also told us he would be glad to get us whatever we wanted as long as he could do it from his seat as it was only an hour and half flight and he was not a morning person. Ari should have offered him some of her mocha espresso with more than humanly contrived amounts of espresso! That would have perked him right up.
Conincedentally, it’s since been suggested that our signature drink going foward be cranberry juice with apple vodka – or the other way around… I think it works either way!!!Sitting next to me was an older woman in a fabulous velour sweat suit with some BIG HAIR – I mean BIG – especially for a 6 am flight. She was on her way to NYC as well to meet up with her girlfriends- she told me this was the 15th year in a row that they had all gone to NYC for shopping and fun with the girls. It was really cool how she told me all about it – I felt a bit bad for secretly making fun of her BIG hair.
Make it to Chicago – check. Get more espresso mocha truffle – quintuple check! Track everyone on Loop – check. Loop is this neat little application for your gps enabled cell phone so that you can track all your friends, also known as a husband tracker apparently. It was cool though because Brittany’s husband was actually in Chicago and because of Loop, we knew exactly where in the windy city he was. Cool tool, you should download it.
Finish off coffees and bits of McDonalds check – and as you can imagine – pee…. lots – check!
Board plane for NYC – check!!!!!!!!!


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