Here’s your sign… and your hot dog!

We had briefly talked about getting a town car or limo to pick us up from the airport. I mean really, who doesn’t like seeing their names on a sign held up by a fat little guy in a black suit and funny hat? I do!
We never made solid plans as a group, but Ari said she “knew a guy” which meant she had something up her sleeve. We rounded the corner to baggage claim and there he was – our very own fat little guy holding up our very own sign THSC Girls!!! What a great welcome to NYC!
We headed into the city in swank Cadillac Escalade style. Thursday night we were staying at the Paramount Hotel right off Broadway. We got the hotel and dropped off our belongings since the room wasn’t ready and we headed out in search of things to check off our lists – one being HOT DOGS!!! Yummy and even yummier because we were starving! We walked around for a bit after the hot dog, got our bearings and then headed back to the hotel to get out of our flying funk clothes.
Our hotel was great, a boutique hotel that as someone said had furniture reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland – the high back chair definitely brought that to life!


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