A good problem to have… I guess: a theory on commercials

When I went to Charlotte, I watched people in focus groups who watched a couple of animated options for some new commercials. They were very beginning stages of creative so they were basically flip books of cartoon characters. But even at that stage, they were so much better than those stupid commercials that remained cartoons – I hate those!!!
Anyway, it was a very interesting experiment in people watching which is one of my favorite past times. It was about an hour long session of moms watching the options then talking about them in full detail. I did learn alot about the ways “moms” think, but I also saw how the economy is really taking a toll on people – during breaks most all of them talked about how they could get into other focus groups and how they could do multiple studies a night to make a few extra bucks.
It came down a draw in the research – there was no clear winner and both came out with very positive reactions over all. You would think that would be super exciting, but really it just proved that we had two good commercials and neither was extremely strong. So today our team came to a decision all on our own. I must say I am VERY pleased with the choice but I feel like there may some “I told you so’s” should this commercial not drive sales the way some people want – of course then, how would we know the other options would have been any stronger? That we will never know.
So look for a new commercial coming soon – unfortunately I will not be staring in it – if I were an option in the mom groups you know damn good and well there would be no question that I would win – DUH! =)

In this world of Tivo and DVR I know most people don’t watch commercials. MZ is totally one of those who does not. However, I love commercials and often don’t even fast forward through them.

What are some of YOUR favorite commercials? Past or Present and WHY?
When it’s produced and cut I’ll make sure and show it!!!


3 thoughts on “A good problem to have… I guess: a theory on commercials

Add yours

  1. 5. ‘weak tot action’ for Sonic
    4. baby buying stock commercials
    3. Geico caveman commercials
    2. ‘my talking stain’ for Tide

    All time favorite…
    1. Trigon BCBS insurance – ‘injured, injured bad’

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