Turkey Day Traditions

I have a pretty odd family and we do some strange things often times but we do have some fun family traditions that I thought I would share…

Ever since I was very little, all the kids in the family got their own little pot of dressing. Mainly because some of the grand kids didn’t like all the ingredients so Nana would always make each of ours individually. So now, my mom makes special pots for all of us since she has taken over cooking for the entire family. So even though we are all grown, we still get our very own pot of dressing. She also makes special dishes for each of us, for instance, she makes flake mashed potatoes for Aaron because that’s what he likes. She makes spiced sweet potatoes for me. She makes two kinds of gravy because Zack doesn’t like what the rest of us like. She makes 3 kinds of rolls to appease everyone and she always makes deviled eggs for my sister because for some reason that’s what she likes. She also would always make about 5 different kind of pies so that everyone could have way too much dessert. However, Katie is in Chili this year so no deviled eggs – actually not much of anything… our family is all going separate ways and so I am kinda sad because lots of our traditions will not take place this year.

We normally always have our big Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday night. This is for many reasons, while my sister was in school most of her friends would go home for a long weekend but some would stay so my mom would host a ton of people for Thanksgiving Eve.
It became an event for my friends as well as they were all making their own family traditions here in NWA, they still enjoyed a big home cooked meal, especially since most of them couldn’t cook – their husbands loved my mom because of that!
It was also handy for me because while I was working for the evil empire, I always had to go into the office on Black Friday to watch sales come in – really? Do lots of people buy private label food on the day after Thanksgiving? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

Another tradition is to watch Letterman on Thanksgiving because Dave always has his mother on satellite and they play “guess the pie” – I know it’s silly but it’s fun.

What are some of your traditions for Thanksgiving?


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  1. Your mom is so sweet for making everyone in your family their favorite dish! We really don’t have any neat traditions. I feel kinda boring.

    I don’t have the contact info for the lady that did the monogram umbrella. I didn’t even think to get it. If I find one similar somewhere, I’ll let you know.

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