Charlotte bound

I’m headed to Charlotte today for some focus groups! I get to be the gal behind the double sided mirror watching people watch my commercials and noting every single detail. Jealous?

Double sided mirrors are creepy! When I was in college, I worked at a tanning salon that shared a space with a movie rental place and there was an “adult room” that had a double sided mirror in it. You could see in said “adult” room from the managers office. When ever someone ventured in to look at various oddities, one of the movie store employees would have to go “supervise.” Some of the stuff that was escorted out of the adult room, well you can only imagine – but hurry erase that from your mind because it’s gross. There was also the occasional token wierdo wanna-be porn star couple that would ask if a) they could tan together and b) if they could watch their adult movies while tanning — double ewwww and very bad for the eyes.

Anyway, so I’m headed to Charlotte which as we all know (or at least common, no child left behind geography tells us so) is EAST of Arkansas, yet I have to fly to Dallas first (WEST of Arkansas). There used to be a direct flight to Charlotte, but I guess someone finally realized that not too many people go straight to Charlotte from Walmart, JB Hunt and Tyson. Oh well. Can we have the direct to Vegas and Miami back please? So I’ll wave at Presley when we fly back over.

I do hope to get some awesome people watching pictures in Dallas – always a good hub for that! I need to figure out how to update the blog from my blackberry? Anyone know how to do that?

Have a fun rest of your week!!!
FYI only 41 days until Christmas!
ps Happy Birthday to Kenny! Look for an awesome Kenny montage coming soon, if I can dig up the appropriate inappropriate picture, and I’m pretty sure I can!


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  1. Hi Amy, I’m the digital media brand manager for Tyson Foods. It’s a really interesting job and lots of fun… I’ll try to post more job related posts, however, my social life is much more intriging! =)

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