Miss Manners … I am, or atleast I play one on TV

In a long ago blog post on Mikes blog…add-i.blogspot.com he established that he is not Miss Manners. I, on the other hand, like to think I know a few things about how to act… some may disagree, but I doubt it. If so, let’s chat…over vodka.

There seems to be quite an abundance of double standard when it comes to what is socially correct in the realm of manners. Such as who orders first at dinner, how to set a proper buffet display and table setting, and how to win friends and influence people.
Here’s my nickel on those topics for today…
Ladies should order first, or at least start the succession of ordering, even if their are prominent members of any group there – this duty lies 99% on the server – they should just know better.
When setting food for a buffet/gathering, it should be placed in order in which it will be eaten – much like reading a book… I very recently noted a precise execution of this! Yes, you know who you are…
How to win friends and influence others is always a fun topic and a touchy subject for all parties involved. Most of us as people in general are not creatures of happy change – embrace it yes, accept it always and indefinably without reservation – NO!
The double standards jump out when things are forced…when the waiter has not a drop of formal training, when no one sets the table correctly and when anyone shows up unexpectedly and uninvited… precedence is not good – your first impressions do set standards that are hard to dig out of sometimes.
But the cure-all to every single one of these issues – you guessed it – VODKA! It’s amazing what adding a little potoato juice can do to every occasion, no matter what!


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