So in case you haven’t heard, I officially started my new job at Tyson. I’m the newest member of the Corporate Marketing Brand Management Team. I will have responsibility for the Digital Media aspect of all things Tyson. I’m super excited about my upcoming projects and diving into a new world of marketing.

An added bonus is that my commute is so much shorter – only 7.6 miles from my house and it takes only about 15 minutes! That’s such a huge improvement over driving to Bentonville everyday. The parking lot is about 200 paces from the door to my area and I have windows all around!

Lots of other new things as well – I am joining Jr. League of Northwest Arkansas which will be great for me to continue my passion for volunteering in the local community. I’ve also started playing Bunco and joined a book club! Race for the Cure 2009 meetings start this month as well so my calendar is very full!

I’m SUPER ready for football season and glad I have something to look forward to each week!

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