Beer, Pizza and Baseball

We’ve been to two Naturals games in the past month – both times with friends who get free tickets and both times we’ve all gone out for pizza before the game – we’re pretty predictable. The Naturals are the new minor league baseball team in Northwest Arkansas, the stadium is in Springdale and yes they do server beer which is really probably the best part about going to any ball park! The first game we went to was against the team from Midland, TX – they were really good and because of this, by 10 pm the game was only in the 4th inning and $5 a beer, that would make for an expensive night, so we went back to the house and popped in a movie. And in true form, I fell asleep as I always do once I get curled up on the couch! We made it through the 7th inning of the second game. Maybe next time we get invited to a game, we can all make it through the entire game and get to see the fireworks.


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  1. Yeah, so…the game was not that bad…ok, maybe a little boring. I say we go again and show up for last few innings so that we can see the fireworks! I will get us more tickets!

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