Makin my way to Denver

I’m in Denver this weekend for a fabulous premier party for Sex and the City: The Movie! I arrived yesterday via Tulsa – I’m not a fan of the Tulsa airport. I did get some great shopping done prior to my flight!

There was a family that was at the ticket counter with me waiting for it to open – their screaming child didn’t help the ticket counter open any earlier. That was 2 hours before the flight was scheduled … in my 2 hours I had a tasty meal of chicken tenders (of course) and multiple gin and tonics. Apparently the little screaming girl held ALL her crazy in until she got on the plane — as we were in line to board the plane she was so friendly and giving everyone high fives and winking at people – strangers ate that up. I cringed! I knew what was looming… she SCREAMED the entire flight. Also there was a crazy old woman next to me, but she kept to herself after a few odd comments – her John Grisham paperback kept her occupied.
Our flight attendant was super creepy – she was all about flirting with the equally creepy businessman in the row opposite me – so much to the point she was practically sitting on the arm rest = his lap.
The flight got a little bumpy on the descent – which apparently is common – I don’t see how predicted turbulance can ever be common – if you know it’s there – fly straighter or something! Just like if you know there is ice on the road – you don’t go 90 mph! Around then is when I really started regretting that 3rd g&t!
Once we landed, the Denver airport was a welcome site! It seems to be a very nice and new (or at least well renovated) airport! I made my way to baggage claim and was pretty proud of myself for navigating through the air port – I know it really isn’t that tough but I have this fear of airports… anyway I finally found Elizabeth after multiple “where are you” “I’m by the Frontier sign” conversations – there are LOTS O FRONTIER signs!
Chad was really excited to eat Mexican food last night so we rode the train downtown to a Mexican place that has a 2 margarita max!
Today is the day! The premier of SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE!
Stay tuned….

Updates soon to come…

So, unlike some people in Denver, I update my blog!
Here is a sneak peak at topics to come…

  • Turtle Saving
  • Baseball, Beer and Pizza
  • Jello Shots
  • Hiking Trip – maybe, we were supposed to leave an hour ago
  • other Memorial Day weekend fun

Stay tuned – same bat time, same bat channel!

The case of the missing cupcake pan!

I was making cupcakes tonight for Mike’s birthday and went to find the cupcake pans – they are missing. I panicked – but Amanda came to the rescue! Thanks!!! You saved Mike’s birthday! =) It’s still a mystery as to where the missing cupcake pans are. Hopefully they will turn up soon – I’m about addicted to making cupcakes as I am to snarky new t-shirts.

People from Canada and New Zealand have looked at my blog – YAY!

I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be pretty long! I’m glad I’ve got some vacation time to break them up. I’m super excited about having some time off and going to Denver and the premiere of SEX AND THE CITY: The Movie!

It was very hot today and windy, but I’ll take hot over cold or rainy ANY day. I think it’s actually NOT going to rain for 3 days in a row – that is in fact a record this year.
It is great though, the honeysuckle is blooming and it smells so pretty outside! I’m so glad I don’t have horrible allergies.

A New Addiction

I’ve got a new addiction – snarky t-shirts. My gateway was the elusive seach for a “Bitch is the New Black” t shirt a few months back. I came across some great finds and now get the email updates when new t’s are available. My new favorite site is Here’s an example – also what I rocked out in on Saturday night!
For those of you without super power reading ability AAAA stands for Anti-Acronym Association of America. It’s fantastic!
We had a very busy and fantastic weekend!
Friday night we went out for Amber’s Birthday and met everyone at Tapinazo’s for drinks and tapas, we couldn’t stay long for we were going to the theatre!!! Mike and I went to see STOMP at the WAC – it was really cool. Then we went to OPO to watch Maude Crawford. Cole and I attempted to dance, but my shoe choice for the evening was not made for twirling… and the attemted dancing lasted only one song.
Saturday afternoon I got new tires at Sam’s Club- WOW that was fun…
Saturday, Mike and I had a great dinner at Pesto Cafe then went out and met pretty much everyone we knew out on Dickson. I think a great time was had by EVERYONE! It was fabulous weather and fabulous company all around!
It definately put me in the mood for a great summer!

Sunday was craft day and SLEEP day – I made baby shower invitations for Melanie’s upcoming FABULOUS shower!

Don’t forget, Tuesday is Mike’s birthday!

The Return of the Octodog!

…apparently also known as the Redneck Seafood Dinner!

This circled back to me via an email from AB. It’s really odd that this came up twice in just as many weeks, considering I’d never seen it before.

one contact to top it off

So the past 36 hours haven’t been that great…

Last night I thought I would be nice and make dinner for Mike, he had a long day of, well doing nothing but still, I thought this would be a great idea. He wanted some turkey steak things we had in the freezer and some Rice-a-roni. I should mention I don’t really read directions and like to make things up as I go which could some day lead to my demise. Anyway, as I have mentioned before, me and Rice-a-roni don’t get along especially with the addition of vermicelli. So in typical fashion of not reading directions I proceeded to create a cheesy mush, I actually didn’t think it was that bad but clearly Mike disagreed. As for the turkey steak things – they can be broiled, so that’s what I thought I was doing, again – WRONG. Once I thought I had things partially under control I went to rest my weary legs and sit down – all of 3 minutes later, we found out the smoke detectors work – REALLY WELL! So after batting the smoke away from the detectors and establishing that nothing was salvageable, we headed to Taco Bell.
I promise I can cook and I really am pretty good at it!

So we move on into today… As I’m getting ready, running late like everyday… really at this point I don’t consider it running late – it’s what I do every day so not that its a pattern I’m just happy to leave on what used to be on time is now EARLY. Anyway, I was getting ready, put my left contact in and I sure thought I put my right contact in – but as the day went on, it was pretty obvious that the right contact in fact did not adhere to my face – boy was that a fun drive home!

There were other annoyances throughout the day, but that’s for another time!

Tonight did get better, got to see Amanda and Cole at Danielle’s house and I managed to make Mike some mac and cheese without burning it or under cooking it or anything! Yay, go me, baby steps…

In other news, Mike’s birthday is on week from Tuesday – on May 20th! Write that down!

Happy Mother’s Day 2008

Although I am not a traditional mom, I do consider my dog my baby! Presley is almost 5 and I’ve had her since she was a baby puppy! She got me some great new black Stilettos since the toes of my other ones are all scuffed up! Thanks Presley! =)

I did get to go to lunch with my mom and my grandma (dad’s mom) today. We went to the always tasty Outback; which randomly enough is where Mike and I went to dinner last night, so I’ve had my fill of Outback for the year mates…
As you can see from the pictures – we are all blondes, hehe!
Most all of my friends are new mothers this year, so Happy Mother’s Day to you! And for all my girl friends with dogs – we technically have been mothers longer than our friends with human babies… so a very Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!!!
Since Katie is in Chile, obviously, she could not be here, but she did sent some very pretty flowers!

chicken fingers = tasty

so…. I love chicken fingers, or chicken tenders, whatever you want to call them. Yes they are a simple food, but always a good standby when I don’t like anything else on the menu. The best kind are the ones with lots of crunchy breading. Grubb’s has some of the best! And in fact, the Wal-Mart deli used to have some good ones, not so much any more. They are good comfort food with gravy too! Back in my fat days – like last week… actually more like a few years ago, my friend Diana and I would get chicken tenders and gravy in the cafeteria at work on particullary bad days – they always made us feel better for a bit.
Mike makes fun of me because for my love of chicken fingers.

It’s crappy weather today – we’re under a tornado warning the rest of the afternoon. After the Saturday morning meeting at work, I went to have “mini spa day” with Lynn and Bridget. Sorry, no pictures – I had my camera but never took a picture. oh well, maybe next time.
I was glad to get a new pedicure because the one from last week was pretty rough – I picked a new color which I thought looked pretty – it wasn’t, it turned out to be ghetto gold. Now my toes are back to a pretty hooker red which I feel is always a good choice.
I went to Hobby Lobby to get some AWESOME decor for Melanie’s up coming baby shower. However I can’t say much more about that in the hopes that she actually reads this – the guest of honor can’t know everything that is going on. hehe

On another note, as we watched the news last night, breaking news flashed that a local bank, in which I store a measly amount of money essentially went bankrupt. I assuming under FDIC rules and stuff, my small sum of money is OK. I can only hope that my car loan was dissolved….

Oslo, Norway!!!

Yay! Thanks to my handy dandy map blog tracker, I noticed that someone from Oslo, Norway visited my site! Det er meget opphissende.
Even more so because I’ve actually been there!

Chile and Iran have visited as well … but I know who those people are.

So interview update – I rocked both interviews today and have already secured 2nd interviews!I’m very glad for the upswing, if nothing else for the good ole ego!

Job update part deux

I sure hope this doesn’t keep going on – as my numeric memory of Francais c’est tres petite!

Anyway, in my endless search for a fun and exciting job, I mean really, how hard can it be? I’ve just come up a tad short. I was in an interview the other day – the 6th for the same position, but who’s counting in which I was told by a newbie to the life of SMW that she was not impressed with having inherited a team of rejects in theory all resulting from reorganization as which she followed up with “and why are you interested in this position?” uh… uh… well… uh… I really want to broaden my horizons and continue to use my creative mindset on the wide scale which is take over the worldom and what not, oh yeah and I am the product of a re-org. At this point I should take the adage from a stupid, stupid book – Clearly, they just aren’t that in to me! Yet I trudge on…
I have two interviews for 2 separate jobs on Tuesday 5/6, neither related to the job that just isn’t that into me. Both are what I would consider “fun and exciting” and would definitely be a great move either way for me.
So keep me in your thoughts and I’ll keep you posted on what results!

In other news, I’m sick – damn warm weather cold – it’s the worst. It’s also Karma because I made fun of Mike for being sick last weekend – I kinda suspected he was faking, however he was really sick and I feel bad now – literally! yuck.
So the sleeping pills mixed with the Cinco De Mayo margarita and Zyrtec and the triaminic are now pulling me in a deep sleep.
g out! luvbye ya’ll

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