a WICKED weekend

wicked-logoThis weekend I took Mike to see WICKED in Tulsa. I saw it last year with the THSC girls on Broadway and I was super excited that it was coming to play so close! The Tulsa showing wasn’t quite as good as the Broadway showing but it was still super fabulous! In true fashion, I dressed thematically with my “ruby red” shoes and sparkly green eyeshadow.

Tulsa is a great day trip and we hope to go back soon.

Weekend Update

I had a very busy weekend this past week – and an interesting week to say the least – here are the highlights!
Wednesday I went to renew my driver’s license – always a good time to be had at the DMV! My last picture was really good, so I made sure to practice really hard for this one too. After many, many self portraits with the ever present digital camera, I felt confident I could master a smile that did not look fake and that I would be OK with for the next 4 years… So I headed out. I waltzed into the DMV and grabbed a ticket # and was immediately served (yes, hell must be freezing over). The attendant took my picture and jokingly asked “Did you practice” – yes mam I did! She wasn’t prepared for me to say Yes I think but she just sorta laughed…and I was on my way.

Friday, I headed to B’ville to get my hair cut. Lindsey and Stella came and hung out for the 3 hour event. I think I saw them more last week than I have in the past 6 months and Stella is out of her French stage.
Then Friday evening was our Junior League New Member retreat at Mt. Sequoyah. Erin and I headed up the hill to the lodge area where we spent the next 18 hours learning all about the year ahead of us with the Junior League. It was a great evening and morning. We did some volunteer work on Saturday which is always very rewarding. I’m very excited to be a part of this great group of women and to meet so many new people in Northwest Arkansas!

Saturday evening we had plans to go to Shogun with Dan and Michelle and Lane and Mark came along as well. It was tasty as always! Dan is also lucky enough to receive the distinction of having a “notable quote” on the column to the right…Then we headed down to Dickson Street to see the local favorite Maud Crawford. Brad and Jennifer were there and had a front row table saved which was great!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day – didn’t roll out of bed until about noon. Amanda and Suzanne had a pool party which I was supposed to bring a dessert to, I was stoked about some banana pudding but it didn’t really turn out that well – it looked a little more like banana soup so that was scratched. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool …

Garage Sale update and notice of Resale Shops NOT to shop at!!!

My sale was a great success! I got rid of so much stuff. It’s always amazing what people will buy and what they won’t… in total I made about a $1000 so I think I win!

I was a bit disappointed that more of my clothes didn’t sell, but that just wasn’t the clientele of my sale – clearly the boat mention in the adds drew a different crowd – they weren’t interested in my clothes. So my great plan was to take my remaining clothes to a resale shop. I went through the lot piece by piece and folded it neatly and took strict inventory. I went ahead and took the t-shirts and other plain items to Goodwill. By my calculations, at and average of $5 a piece, I was expecting $700 total, but would be happy with $500 if they took it all.

My first stop was Plato’s Closet in Fayetteville. I was there as it opened but was not the first one in line to sell clothes – no worries, I waited… when it was my turn, I helped get all my bags onto the counter and then was told it would be about 30 minutes and I could leave if I wanted – NO WAY – I stayed very close to my clothes. They had no interest in my formal dresses nor my business attire, but I had plenty of “going out clothes” to last someone a few years…. well, out of 85 pieces that she sorted through, she only was interested in 14 and was only going to offer me $37.10 for them – WHAT? really? I told her no thank you and that the pair of boots she personally wanted cost 3 times that to begin with and there was not anyway I was going to take the insult of $2 a piece! I’d rather give it away that that!!!

2nd stop was a place in Bentonville “Check My Closet.” I remember that’s where lots of people in High School would go to buy their homecoming and prom dresses so I thought this would be a great place to sell my formals and my suits, etc. NO! WRONG AGAIN!!!! The owner of this shop could not have been any ruder to me (and Melanie was with me too). It was ridiculous.

So here’s my plan – I’m keepin’ the clothes and will have another great sale one weekend in September when there is not a football game! However, if you are interested in a private showing, or are in need of a formal (sizes 2 and 4 and 6), feel free to give me a ring!!! I’ll hook you up!

So all in all, the sale was good, as I mentioned earlier. I do want to say a special thank you to Lindsey and Jason… they helped me move ALL of my crap from Dallas – they are great friends to have done that AND still talk to me today!!! Love you both!

Yard Sale this Saturday!

Boy, do I have a lot of CRAP!!! I’m a self proclaimed packrat for sure. So this weekend I’m going to have a YARD SALE. I’ve got some really good stuff actually. All good things for a first apartment or if you like bar pariphinalia – I have a bunch of that!
I’m even going to sell a boat and some boat motors if I can.
If you need more info, let me know!

A day at the beach … or as close as you can to the beach in Arkansas = Stephanie’s Pool!

We all got the text early Saturday morning – “Open invite to come to Steph’s pool – BYOB – noon on…” or, as it was in our case until huge and threatening thunderheads roll in!

It was a great and relaxing afternoon. Stella brough Lindsey and Jason to play too! Stella is such a fish – she has no fear – watch out Mommy! I taught “Mommy and Me” swim lessons for about 8 years and it was so much fun to be back in the water with a brave little girl – that truly was one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had – anyone need private swimming lessons?

Of course, what’s a pool party with out a beer, Stella even knows this.
We all had a great time and can’t wait to do it again soon! Thanks Stephanie!

Beer, Pizza and Baseball

We’ve been to two Naturals games in the past month – both times with friends who get free tickets and both times we’ve all gone out for pizza before the game – we’re pretty predictable. The Naturals are the new minor league baseball team in Northwest Arkansas, the stadium is in Springdale and yes they do server beer which is really probably the best part about going to any ball park! The first game we went to was against the team from Midland, TX – they were really good and because of this, by 10 pm the game was only in the 4th inning and $5 a beer, that would make for an expensive night, so we went back to the house and popped in a movie. And in true form, I fell asleep as I always do once I get curled up on the couch! We made it through the 7th inning of the second game. Maybe next time we get invited to a game, we can all make it through the entire game and get to see the fireworks.


Last week was the premier of SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE! I flew out to Denver to watch the movie with my best friend Elizabeth. It was a great mini vacation and of course a FABULOUS movie. We also had a pre movie party – “The Return of Martini’s and Manolo’s.” Holly very graciously hosted party at her super swank LoDo loft that is only a few blocks away from the movie theater.

The party was a blast and I met so many new and interesting people. Most people dressed up in fun party dresses and everyone brought a bottle of martini related alcohol and Holly printed cute little recipes for new types of drinks. I made my staples – Cosmopolitans and Pomegranate Martini’s.

It was a great way to get in the SATC spirit before the movie. It was so fun to know that people everywhere had parties and got all dressed up for the movie! And yes, I will continue to make fun of Trekkies and Star Wars nerds – although I wore a fabulous cocktail dress and some rockin’ shoes, I did not wear a Chewbacca suit or pointy ears and a color block jump suit.
In other Denver news, we did a lot of retail therapy and drank a lot – both things that Elizabeth and I excel in! One afternoon, we went to a Champagne Bar for Happy Hour – boy were we happy and bubbly!!!Chad and Liz live in Englewood, CO actually and there is a light rail station very close to their house which is really convenient – however we found out the hard way that the light rail stops running at 2 am … note to self… must leave down town prior to 2 am or risk pulling people out of bed to come get us. THANKS CHAD!!! I came home on Sunday on yet another fun Frontier flight!

Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend, I enjoyed a 4 day weekend since I took Friday off as well. Saturday night we went out with Mark and Lane and Whitney and Suzanne! A good time was had by all!
On Sunday, Mike and I drove out to Lost Valley along the Buffalo River for a hike. It was about a 3 mile hike with a cave at the end. There were some really pretty stops and waterfalls along the way. By the time we got to the cave it was really crowded so we decided just to turn around and head back to the car. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

On the drive home, we ran into some really strong thunderstorms and were very grateful that we were not still on the trail when the bottom dropped out. In honor of the holiday, we decided to grill steaks. Mike is a great cook and the steaks were fantastic! On Monday, besides being the actual holiday, it was also Lindsey’s 7th 21st birthday! We went to Lindsey and Jason’s house for a cookout. There were LOTS of babies! Since as previously noted, over the past year 87% of my friends have had kids! Really – that’s not an exaggeration, I did the math. Of course Stella was the center of attention – as it should be. Lindsey’s mom made some Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes AND she fed Stella a whole one.

It was hilarious and Stella LOVED the cream cheese icing – her first birthday is the end of June and I can’t wait to see what she does with her cake!

Rubber Band Man and Holy Jeans

Friday, Big Un’s played at George’s happy hour. I ventured out early with my mom to make sure we got a table for when we weren’t dancing. The weekend also played host to the Dickson Street Music Festival, so parking was disastrous! We ended up parking behind the Bakery Building which is about 3 blocks from George’s, not too bad… Earlier in the day, I had gone to Maca and bought new jeans and I was really excited about my sassy new jeans. As always, I had on high heels which normally I don’t have any issue walking in – AT ALL!

However, Friday was different. As we were walking down a side road by the Walton Arts Center, my heel caught in a crack in the side walk and BAM! down I fell. All I can remember thinking was “no, don’t let your face hit the concrete!” and my hand was in my purse strap so my knee hit first and it hit hard. So hard in fact that it ripped a hole in my brand new jeans. And I scuffed the toe on my shoe too. I got up and brushed my self off and checked out the blood running down my leg… and hobbled on to George’s where the bar tender proceeded to laugh his ass off as he helped bandge me up and grab us a beer!

So, after a few beers, I was ready to dance. Zack, Aaron, Brittany, Deborah, (Brittany’s Mom) Amanda, Kenny and Marty were there too. Everyone had a big time with Big Un’s! Mike came later on and danced with me too, which was good because I was getting tired of dancing by myself.

Shooter Jennings was playing on the out door stage and we had a great listening locale on the back patio of George’s.

One of the highlights of a Big Un’s show is Deborah’s signature song “Rubber Band Man.” I’m sure there is story, I don’t know it though. Someone brought in a bag of extra large rubberbands so we all had flair to accompiny our stellar dance moves. It should be noted that Darrin Ray, the lead singer of Big Un’s is Deborah’s brother…
Here’s an “artistic” photo of the evening and the Rubber Band Man dance.

After Happy Hour, we went to Grubb’s, sat on the patio, drank more beer and listened to .38 Special and ate some tasty food. We went back to Zack’s and played some Rock Band. While at Grubb’s I cut my hand on my sassy jeans – one of the rivets had come loose and the pointed part was clearly out to get me!

All in all, even with the injuries, it was a great night! Big Un’s doesn’t play HH again until July, hopefully we’ll get to catch them before then!

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