The case of the missing cupcake pan!

I was making cupcakes tonight for Mike’s birthday and went to find the cupcake pans – they are missing. I panicked – but Amanda came to the rescue! Thanks!!! You saved Mike’s birthday! =) It’s still a mystery as to where the missing cupcake pans are. Hopefully they will turn up soon – I’m about addicted to making cupcakes as I am to snarky new t-shirts.

People from Canada and New Zealand have looked at my blog – YAY!

I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be pretty long! I’m glad I’ve got some vacation time to break them up. I’m super excited about having some time off and going to Denver and the premiere of SEX AND THE CITY: The Movie!

It was very hot today and windy, but I’ll take hot over cold or rainy ANY day. I think it’s actually NOT going to rain for 3 days in a row – that is in fact a record this year.
It is great though, the honeysuckle is blooming and it smells so pretty outside! I’m so glad I don’t have horrible allergies.


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  1. I am sooooo addicted to cupcakes and baking cupcakes, too. Let’s have a bake-off someday.

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