chicken fingers = tasty

so…. I love chicken fingers, or chicken tenders, whatever you want to call them. Yes they are a simple food, but always a good standby when I don’t like anything else on the menu. The best kind are the ones with lots of crunchy breading. Grubb’s has some of the best! And in fact, the Wal-Mart deli used to have some good ones, not so much any more. They are good comfort food with gravy too! Back in my fat days – like last week… actually more like a few years ago, my friend Diana and I would get chicken tenders and gravy in the cafeteria at work on particullary bad days – they always made us feel better for a bit.
Mike makes fun of me because for my love of chicken fingers.

It’s crappy weather today – we’re under a tornado warning the rest of the afternoon. After the Saturday morning meeting at work, I went to have “mini spa day” with Lynn and Bridget. Sorry, no pictures – I had my camera but never took a picture. oh well, maybe next time.
I was glad to get a new pedicure because the one from last week was pretty rough – I picked a new color which I thought looked pretty – it wasn’t, it turned out to be ghetto gold. Now my toes are back to a pretty hooker red which I feel is always a good choice.
I went to Hobby Lobby to get some AWESOME decor for Melanie’s up coming baby shower. However I can’t say much more about that in the hopes that she actually reads this – the guest of honor can’t know everything that is going on. hehe

On another note, as we watched the news last night, breaking news flashed that a local bank, in which I store a measly amount of money essentially went bankrupt. I assuming under FDIC rules and stuff, my small sum of money is OK. I can only hope that my car loan was dissolved….


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  1. Have you tried the Chicken Fingers at Marketplace? (is that the name of the restaurant?) Those are pretty tasty…I had some onion rings that were good too at Burger Barn in Arkadelphia…

  2. I don’t actually care for the chicken fingers at Marketplace… unless they are cooked exactly right and I really only know one person that can do that. They normally turnout way to dough-y and they get soggy too quickly.

  3. Next time you are in Tulsa you MUST try the chicken fingers at The Brook – have you been there?

    I love your blog! xoxo

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