Rubber Band Man and Holy Jeans

Friday, Big Un’s played at George’s happy hour. I ventured out early with my mom to make sure we got a table for when we weren’t dancing. The weekend also played host to the Dickson Street Music Festival, so parking was disastrous! We ended up parking behind the Bakery Building which is about 3 blocks from George’s, not too bad… Earlier in the day, I had gone to Maca and bought new jeans and I was really excited about my sassy new jeans. As always, I had on high heels which normally I don’t have any issue walking in – AT ALL!

However, Friday was different. As we were walking down a side road by the Walton Arts Center, my heel caught in a crack in the side walk and BAM! down I fell. All I can remember thinking was “no, don’t let your face hit the concrete!” and my hand was in my purse strap so my knee hit first and it hit hard. So hard in fact that it ripped a hole in my brand new jeans. And I scuffed the toe on my shoe too. I got up and brushed my self off and checked out the blood running down my leg… and hobbled on to George’s where the bar tender proceeded to laugh his ass off as he helped bandge me up and grab us a beer!

So, after a few beers, I was ready to dance. Zack, Aaron, Brittany, Deborah, (Brittany’s Mom) Amanda, Kenny and Marty were there too. Everyone had a big time with Big Un’s! Mike came later on and danced with me too, which was good because I was getting tired of dancing by myself.

Shooter Jennings was playing on the out door stage and we had a great listening locale on the back patio of George’s.

One of the highlights of a Big Un’s show is Deborah’s signature song “Rubber Band Man.” I’m sure there is story, I don’t know it though. Someone brought in a bag of extra large rubberbands so we all had flair to accompiny our stellar dance moves. It should be noted that Darrin Ray, the lead singer of Big Un’s is Deborah’s brother…
Here’s an “artistic” photo of the evening and the Rubber Band Man dance.

After Happy Hour, we went to Grubb’s, sat on the patio, drank more beer and listened to .38 Special and ate some tasty food. We went back to Zack’s and played some Rock Band. While at Grubb’s I cut my hand on my sassy jeans – one of the rivets had come loose and the pointed part was clearly out to get me!

All in all, even with the injuries, it was a great night! Big Un’s doesn’t play HH again until July, hopefully we’ll get to catch them before then!


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