job update – wait there isn’t one…

yeah well that pretty much sums it up.

However, I’ve stayed EXTREMELY busy with Race for the Cure, so it might really a good thing I don’t have a job but still have all the resources at “work” to use. I now have added “stellar GAP-style t-shirt folder” to my resume after folding the Wal-Mart team shirts for the Race – I have 2,200 people on my team, so that’s quite a large amount of shirts. I’m really excited about how well our Race campaign went this year, we beat our participation goal by 100%!!!

I hope to hear something about the project management team lead this week (so that ends tomorrow…)I actually have remained pretty positive and really do believe I’ll be “taken care of.”
Anyway, thanks to everyone who is concerned and thinking about me and praying for me – I need it and I sure know it helps. I’m confident it will all work out – but as everyone is well aware – I’m not all that patient so …HURRY UP ALREADY!

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