3 weeks and counting…

Well I’m really pretty proud of myself – I haven’t had a coke in 3 weeks!

So what’s been going on…

  • Valentine’s Day was great! Mike sent me some beautiful flowers in a really cool vase which apparently was the selling point! But they were all very pretty together. We went to dinner at Tapinazo’s which was good but we definately think its more of a warm weather place where we can sit on the patio. Then we went to Stir to celebrate Lane’s birthday.
  • Saturday night was the Stock the Bar Party – Olive Us Are Getting Together for Brad and Jennifer! It was a BLAST! Everyone had a fabulous time and we polished off way too much alcohol – who is surprised
  • Bible Study ended on Monday night which is good and not so good – Good because I never really got into this study and bad because that was really the only time I got to see all the Benton County girls… we’ll have to make time with out Beth Moore.

Pregnant Friend Tally has increased by two – Melanie and Leigh are both due in late August – nothing wrong with Virgo babies!

This weekend is Jennifer’s Bachelorette Party in Kansas City – it should be just as fun… Erin has done a great job at pulling everything together.

Ok so that’s my update… more soon!


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