the last one…

last coke
This was my last coke. Period!
I know what you are saying “yeah, she’s said this before” but I really do mean it this time. This is part of my plan to loose those elusive 25 pounds. I’m also giving up meat for lent – still going to eat fish/other seafood but no meat = beef, pork or chicken.

I was in a few food production plants yesterday and I was not at all encouraged to continue eating processed food. I didn’t even go in the “kill” part of the plant but it definitely turned me off of the chicken I saw coming off line.

This will include my mandatory meal on Saturday (or anytime) at 2 in the morning after a night out — Baja Chicken Chalupa and Mexican Pizza with no Meat or Red Sauce. I know many people will be sad about this – it’s a long standing tradition. So here are my apologies:

To the snarky Taco Bell drive thru meow window order taker – I will miss you most of all, especially meow the one who thinks its HI-larious to quote movies meow such as Super Trooper when talking to inebriated customers meow. I know you will miss me as well – its always fun to try to interpret no meat or red sauce through the speaker – which normally ends up being no COW and no PIZZA sauce.

To Mike – who now ever so patiently just orders for me, I know he will miss my demands for Taco Bell

To Liz – who will miss my pictures of my food being sent to her at all hours of the night, for she was there for the inception of this greasy treat. It all started with an actual Mexican pizza with no meat or red sauce made ON Chalupa bread rather than tostadas crisps.

FYI – Here’s the sugar content of coke, regular and diet…


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