Ole Miss Sucks!

Today marks 50 days until the first Hog Football game and the start to possibly the greatest time of the year – Razorback Tailgate Season!

To mark the glorious occasion, I’ve included a list of just a select few reasons why Ole Miss Sucks!

– Contrary to the popular belief, J. Crew gear does not give you elegance.
– Their idea of tailgating is hanging a chandelier in the Grove, eating catered food off fine china, and finding a fantabulous centerpiece for their table.
– Houston Dale Nutt.
– 5 of the 6 SEC West teams have appeared in the SEC Championship game. Guess which one hasn’t made the trip?
– The Manning Legacy? Sucks. The Mannings played 11 seasons in the SEC. Only Peyton ever won the conference, and he had to go to Tennessee to do it.
– Hotty Toddy.
– The Walk of Champions? It must go to the visitors’ locker room.
*List courtesy of RockCity Outfitters – seller of all t-shirts awesome! Of which I have already purchased the “Ole Miss Sucks” shirt.

 I must say I agree with all of the above EXCEPT the decorating part – we have red feather boas and chandeliers in the  ladies tent and they are down right fabulous.


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  1. Only problem is, Arkansas sucks even worse. Alway has and always will. With a state full of uneducated sluths and walk-up fans. Most uneducated fan base in the SEC. Absolute moronic fools.

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