It was time…

I finally broke down, as did my Accord, and bought a new (to me) car. It was time.

I will say of course it was very nice not having a car payment, but the few hundred dollars a month I was putting into maintenance and attempted “band aids” to a problem that couldn’t be diagnosed, really turned into more of a scheduled car payment than I wanted on a paid off car.

As some of you know from previous entries, I’ve wrecked my fair share of cars – at one point, I was involved (not responsible for) in accidents that totaled out 3 cars in the course of 18 months. I’d been very lucky with my Accord in that it was not involved in a wreck  – just took another turn toward death. About every 4 – 5 weeks, it would just die and not one single mechanic could figure out why. When it died one night in the rain going 70 mph down the highway, that was the last straw.

I’m now about 6 weeks in to owning this:

An Acura MDX, gently used.
I am really enjoying it so far, it’s nice to be able to go Sam’s and buy everything we need and not have to borrow someone’s truck to bring it home, or to go furniture shopping and not have it take an entire day and driving back and forth across town to borrow a truck and drop off our purchases and then take the truck back… it pretty much doubles your time.

It will also be awesome to actually jump the curb to tailgate instead of parking in the lot and carrying everything over the river and through the woods and then back again after the game is over.


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