Snuggie – more like an August blanket

A while back I became enthralled with the Snuggie, also the combination of the Snuggie and the ShamWow = a SnuggieWow (that didn’t take off though…yet!) 
I resisted the urge to “call now” and even passed up the offer of the free book light, but then I found the “as seen on TV” aisle at Walgreens… I bought a Snuggie – bought one for Lindsey too. I was so excited to get it home and snuggie up on the couch.
So that evening MZ and I sat down to watch TV and I to try out the Snuggie. It was a total let down. It’s so thin and flimsy and pretty much worthless. It’s also a very ugly blue color – Walgreens did not have the maroon, although that color would have been even more like the chanting monks.
I deem it only appropriate as a light throw potentially to be used in August with 93% humidity.
MZ just pretty much made fun of me unmercifully (and still does) for my very silly purchase, and I actually have to agree with him. It was an impulse buy I totally regret.


6 thoughts on “Snuggie – more like an August blanket

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  1. Well that sucks! Every time I see one of those commercials, I want to go out and buy one. I’m sure there’s a way to sew something similar with some nice fabric….I would do this if I actually had sewing skillz…and weren’t so lazy. Ha!

  2. Oh my gosh… you’re so right about finding lolipops that aren’t broken. I found some at Dylan’s Candy Bar but they were waaaay too expensive. I needed about 4-5 and I knew I would just throw them away when we were done.

    Since Easter is around the corner the stores have them out for Easter baskets. I got the lolipops at Wal-mart for 1.00 each. I was so excited… I really didn’t think I would find them that cheap.

  3. what a bummer! i got sucked into the walgreens as seen on section recently too … strap-perfect … i plan on posting a review tomorrow!

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