BACON! You need it.

I haven’t written about a work adventure in while… so here’s something we’ve been up to!

Wright Brand Bacon to be exact!
Here are a couple of breakfast creations designed and orchestrated by Aaron McCargo from the FoodNetwork, he’s the host of Big Daddy’s House and he also won The Next FoodNetwork Star last season.
He was here to do some video shorts for our websites this week. He made a bacon stuffed french toast pocket and bacon egg cups with mushrooms and herbs as a few breakfast options, 2 of the other recipes was a chicken roulade and hamburger roll both of which are of course wrapped in bacon… proving the well known fact that you REALLY CAN wrap anything in bacon. Try it – you’ll be amazed!

I love doing the videos, there is so much prep work that goes into them and the attention to details is something I really LOVE! Setting up each table setting is probably my favorite part, that and saying ACTION, QUIET ON THE SET & THAT’S A WRAP! 


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