Water Update

Again this morning, I have my full 2 liter jug thing of water filled to the brim ready to be consumed throughout the day. I noticed that everyone seemed to be congregating around the fridge, so I stuck my head out my pod fully expecting to see Jared Leto or someone because their commotion warranted some Jared Leto… nope – they were all staring at my jug of water with cucumbers and lemons in it. It’s really not that strange looking. I’d take a picture of it but then they’d know it’s mine and at this point I’m not ready to reveal that. They were all freaking out about who it belongs to… “who’s is that?” “who has time to make that?” “what’s in that?” “I bet its some super diet water…” seriously that went on for about 10 minutes – all with the fridge door wide open…

Well it’s mine, ladies – I have time to make it because I get to work early and have all the ingredients prechopped in a bag and dump them in the jug and fill with water – not so much time consuming, definitely not as time consuming as standing there in a group gawking at it.

I’m wanting to find something super weird to put in the fridge tomorrow to keep the onlookers further entertained and intrigued – I will soon become the woman of mysterious fridge finds… stay tuned!

Baby Milo

Here are pictures of MZ’s new nephew – Milo Joseph.
Everyone is home now and healthy!
Welcome to the world, I can’t wait to meet him in person – I love other peoples babies! =)

I’ve been robbed … already … at 8:26 in the am on a MONDAY!

I am pissed!
This morning I made this cucumber water stuff that I read about last week on “le petite blog.” I bought enough supplies for a weeks worth with the thought of slicing and dicing the ingredients before coming to work and mixing it up in a little container to keep in the fridge not 10 yards from my desk. I was very successful in actually dragging my fat ass out of bed this morning, running 2 miles, doing my weights and abs AND had time to shower (bonus for you!) and cut up my concoction – I even put my make up on at home rather than in the car … and drum roll… I was AT WORK at 7:15.

So… I made my drink mix while my oatmeal was heating -I was super industrious this morning.
About 10 minutes ago I hear someone (whom I don’t care for) say “who’s cucumber crap is that” – it’s a shared fridge – I have no problem with vegetable water occupying it -much better than the stinky sour kraut that was in there last week (not mine). Then I got up to get a refill on the oh so tasty***sarcasm*** water – HALF GONE!!! The lovely questioner from 10 minutes prior decided to help herself…
REALLY? REALLY? (thanks Seth and Amy for that sketch)

Today is a good day!

Today is going to be a good day! We have all made it through the first full week of 2009, go ahead and pat yourself on the back and your neighbor and/or pet (whatever) too!

It’s going to be 60 degrees here today in Northwest Arkansas, I have a cute outfit on today and I have managed to drop 4 pounds this week!
MZ is back home from LA and we have a super laid back weekend ahead of us. Hopefully he’ll have exciting news coming soon!!!
My project I’ve been working on since August will OFFICIALLY LAUNCH on Saturday-ish! Wahoo!!!! Don’t want to jinx it so I’ll have to keep it a bit of a secret but it’s exciting, for me atleast.

If you notice to the right – the link to Blogwell 2009 – I’ll be there in a couple of weeks – for work, not my own personal blogging, but I hope to learn tons. Anyone else going? If so, let me know!

On Wednesday night, the stars aligned and Lynn and Lindsey were able to meet me for dinner. Despite them making fun of me because of my “jaw” issue, a good time was had by all.

Happy Friday to all, and to all a great weekend!

Don’t drink the water…

I got the cutest dress last night at Francesca’s to wear to Heather’s baby shower this weekend!!!
And speaking of baby showers – there was quite a lull among the group – most people remained pregnant-less for a few months. Well apparently every one’s New Years Resolution was to have another kid… because this year, baby shower season is going to come close to rivaling last years!!!!!

MZ’s sister had her baby boy on Sunday 1/4 so he is now Uncle MZ to little Milo Joseph!!!
That’s all the baby news I have for now…

All I wanted for Christmas…

…was a Snuggie made out of a ShamWow…

…alas, all I got was a silly iPhone.

Just kidding – well no, I really got an iPhone – but it is far from silly! MZ definitely surprised me with this and I totally love it. I though it would be hard to end the love affair with Blackberry. HA! NO! Done and done.

I have had some issues getting ALL of my contacts over but other than that, I’ve adapted very well and am absolutely loving it. MZ is the best present giver ever!

So back to the Snuggie made out of a ShamWow – you have to admit, it would be kind of handy. And if you don’t know what either of these are, then you clearly didn’t watch any football over the past week because they advertised for these items endlessly! So much so, that now after anything that’s said, it’s always followed with “it’s made in Germany, it has to be good.” That’s the catch phrase for the ShamWow. I’m not certain that there is a catch phrase for the Snuggie except that creepy family at the soccer game that all look like those Gregorian Monks off that CD from the early 90’s. MZ also feels this is a dual purpose necessity for me, as I’m always cold and walk around with a blanket and let’s just say I’m just a tad bit clumsy – for instance I spilled ketchup on the carpet the other day – straight from the bottle – no one still quite knows how it happened – very mysterious!!!

Welcome back to reality everyone. This is going to be my first full 5 day work week since well before Thanksgiving!!! Wish me luck!

Resolutions Schemzalutions

This is the first thing I saw when I opened up my google reader today – I LOVE IT!!!! Not sure where “Sasha” got it but it’s hilarious and unfortunately true for me.

So some of my New Years Resolutions are as follows, I’ll probably think of more:

  • visit my Grandmother more, she lives in the same town and I only see her on holidays because some of my family can’t get along – that is not my problem – I get along with them just fine and should not be influenced by their bickering.
  • drink less, I can’t say that I’ve ever really had heart burn but after the 2 bottles of wine I put away on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I think I may have experienced it – not cool… so for that and other reason (one being MZ “teasing” me about being an alky) I’m going to drink less. My first step is that NO I do not need a glass of wine while getting ready to go out and henceforth drink more…
  • on the flip side I would like to somehow find a better appreciation for “real” wine… I love me some cheap sweet wine – such as Moscato. I would like to be better educated if nothing else – I hate being at dinner and not knowing what kind of wine to order and not just the rule of what goes with what, because I honestly think one should drink what they like not what is “etiquette appropriate” but I don’t really even know what’s out there and what means what….

  • Read more – at least read one book more than what I’m supposed to read for book club.
  • Become a better conversationalist – I’m just no good at asking questions of others – yes I know I’m a brat. But sometimes I really feel like people only ask “how are you” or “how was your weekend” because they feel like they should – most of the time they don’t care and I hate just saying “good” just to provide an answer and then starts the back and forth – most of the time I really don’t care to share or care to hear, so now you’ll know if I ask you a question – I genuinely mean it, I do really want to know… hey it makes sense in my head.
  • Run more

So that’s some of my resolutions – I think they are achievable.

Happy New Year!!!

We had a few options for NYE this year, but we decided to keep it low key so we could actually enjoy our day off the next day – that is a SURE sign of “getting-old-ness.”

We went to Ruths’ Chris with a majority of the THSC and a few new faces and then went back to the Barnes’ for a champagne toast. It was really quite nice not to worry about feeling like crap the next day or trying to remember what I said or if I made a complete ass of myself. And I was also super excited to wear my NYE dress and sparkly shoes- this is definitely only a dress that can be worn on NYE or if on the off chance I go to Vegas or a cruise in the near future… My mom kept calling it the “upgrade” dress because she thought it looked like the dress in the Beyonce commercial about upgrading something -I can never quite remember what that commercial is for but now I have the song in my head and probably so do you— sorry about that.

We had a great time with friends and family and are looking forward to a fabulous 2009!!!
Here’s to you (yes, that means you). =)

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