Drinks, stat… etc etc

We asked our great door man at the Paramount for some suggestions for dinner and he suggested etcetera etcetera which was a few blocks away from our hotel in between Broadway and Hell’s Kitchen. So we called to get reservations and then just headed out to see what we could find. We found an Irish Pub right next to our restaurant so of course we went in – we needed a drink!
The pub was great and the drinks were STRONG! We also had some great seats in the front of the bar right by the window and the Christmas tree – can you say photo op boys and girls. I know I was really glad that all our waitresses were never at all bitchy about taking our pictures, then letting us see if it was good and the potentially retaking it – so thank you to all the nice waitresses that obliged our vanity!
We downed our drinks and headed to dinner – such tasty food and fortunately for us Ari has a good appreciation of wine – and could order like a PRO for us! Let’s just say this was only the beginning to eating and drinking very well for a few fabulous days, so it was a good thing we had all been running our asses off – no really … true story.


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  1. You and your freinds are so cute! Ahh… reading your blog is making me want to have another Girl’s Weekend in NYC.

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