the past week…for the most part sucked!

I understand that working in “corporate America” is a gamble – even when the international hub of all retail resides in Bentonville, Arkansas – but damnit, I’m smart and attractive and likeable and all that, and yes, in my case I think smart is an understatement.
I will have been at my current employer for 4 years in August – I’ve set my goal to stay for 5 to give the apperance of stability on my resume… we’ll see how that works out. I’ve had 3 different positions, all linked to each other and all created for me – even the first one. However, unfortunately, I’ve pretty much over performed in each of these positions so much so that I’ve worked myself out of a job…
So on Friday I got the news that our Brand Management team is being “disbanded.” We were told that we would be going back to whence we all came – some to QA some to Product Development, etc. In my previous life I was on the packaging team… my EVP sees me still on her team but heading the project management for her soon to be team of 65+ This is all very exciting, but still I have to go through the interviewing process and wait for the stamp of approval from people that don’t me and only have a piece of paper to judge ME.

It should be and exciting time and all that good stuff, but still I am not one to be too keen on uncertainty. I like to know what’s going on in my work world and right now I don’t… so wish me luck!


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