Quit being a damn baby WORKFORCE!

So maybe I’m bitter because I don’t have a job in theory, or maybe I happen to be working with some odd balls? But I definitely feel compelled to share a few observations. Much like “What Not To Wear” please read “How not to act at work” or Quit being a damn baby WORKFORCE!
I know I act totally different at work than I do outside of work, but honestly, is it that hard?

FYI, playing poor pitiful me in front of a group of your peers gets you no where – or at least it shouldn’t. Yes, it is true that no one is indispensable and everyone can be replaced at any time (they why the F aren’t they?) However, there is no reason to feel like the world owes you something in your personal or professional life – keep those separate by the way.
If you receive a compliment (great) – say Thank You! Stop. Do not say anything else, quips such as “well, I try” or “well, if only…” again – Thank You! Stop.
It’s one of the most un-nerving situations in the world to be in the middle of a meeting and people ramble on about how sad and sorrowful they’ve been working on a project and all the trials and tribulations it’s caused on them and their families and people that don’t even know them. It’s your job, that’s why it’s called WORK!!!
NEVER throw your hands up and say “that ain’t my job” or “I wasn’t in charge of that.” Just DON’T
While I’m on it – Please use PROPER ENGLISH GRAMMAR! No matter what setting you are in, emailing, on the phone, passing in the hall way – SPEAK/Type CORRECTLY! There are always exceptions to this – colloquial language is a great thing, it’s what makes us who we are and keeps our heritage alive. However, slang and text type and colloquialisms are not work appropriate.

Ok, class, that concludes todays crazy…tune in for more crazy at a later time

job update – wait there isn’t one…

yeah well that pretty much sums it up.

However, I’ve stayed EXTREMELY busy with Race for the Cure, so it might really a good thing I don’t have a job but still have all the resources at “work” to use. I now have added “stellar GAP-style t-shirt folder” to my resume after folding the Wal-Mart team shirts for the Race – I have 2,200 people on my team, so that’s quite a large amount of shirts. I’m really excited about how well our Race campaign went this year, we beat our participation goal by 100%!!!

I hope to hear something about the project management team lead this week (so that ends tomorrow…)I actually have remained pretty positive and really do believe I’ll be “taken care of.”
Anyway, thanks to everyone who is concerned and thinking about me and praying for me – I need it and I sure know it helps. I’m confident it will all work out – but as everyone is well aware – I’m not all that patient so …HURRY UP ALREADY!

the past week…for the most part sucked!

I understand that working in “corporate America” is a gamble – even when the international hub of all retail resides in Bentonville, Arkansas – but damnit, I’m smart and attractive and likeable and all that, and yes, in my case I think smart is an understatement.
I will have been at my current employer for 4 years in August – I’ve set my goal to stay for 5 to give the apperance of stability on my resume… we’ll see how that works out. I’ve had 3 different positions, all linked to each other and all created for me – even the first one. However, unfortunately, I’ve pretty much over performed in each of these positions so much so that I’ve worked myself out of a job…
So on Friday I got the news that our Brand Management team is being “disbanded.” We were told that we would be going back to whence we all came – some to QA some to Product Development, etc. In my previous life I was on the packaging team… my EVP sees me still on her team but heading the project management for her soon to be team of 65+ This is all very exciting, but still I have to go through the interviewing process and wait for the stamp of approval from people that don’t me and only have a piece of paper to judge ME.

It should be and exciting time and all that good stuff, but still I am not one to be too keen on uncertainty. I like to know what’s going on in my work world and right now I don’t… so wish me luck!

Sad Snow Day

Today was a “snow day.” The weather crew predicted 4-6 inches of snow and we were all extremely excited about it! And if it would not have snowed and we would have all been at work today, it would have been absolute hell!

As you can see, it was pretty pitiful… and there was no sledding to be had. I went on a walk with my mom. She attempted to start a snow ball fight, but to know avail.

Here’s me infront of a Magnolia tree – by the time we walked back by it, ALL the snow was already gone. I must say it was pretty bad this morning, even the University canceled classes which is pretty rare…

Any way, I worked from home today, which is always nice! Hopefully this is the real end of winter. I’m very ready for warm weather, patios and margaritas – not that you can’t have margaritas in the winter but they just aren’t the same without the patio!

Babies! & Kansas City & no $

Lynn updated her baby blog finally… after like 6 months– so check that out – Baby Dunning in the line up on the right.

As mentioned earlier, most of my friends have babies. Lindsey – you need a blog for Stella.

It’s an Ice Day here today – not snow and really not a whole lot of ice but enough for me to stay home since I can’t get off the hill. I’m working from home, which I really enjoy. I think I am definitely disciplined enough to get things done on my own. The hardest part is not being able to just run across the office to talk to someone. I’m watching the True Hollywood Story of the cast of Full House. Jodie Sweeten didn’t age very well by the way…

I’m trying to figure out the best way to put some pictures on here.

I was in Kansas City all weekend long setting up my booths for the Wal-Mart Year Beginning Meeting – Here are some pics of my fabulous display booths. It was FREEEEEZING in KC – the high was 14 and the wind chill was below zero – I’ve never been to KC for anything but work but I’m going back in about a month for Cole’s Bachelorette party and I know it’ll be fun, no matter what the temperature!

Not much going on here – still vowing to not go out until Valentine’s Day so much unless its free – that’s going to work in our favor the next few weeks – I have a couple of Komen events and Young Professionals – all free! YAY!

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