Sad Snow Day

Today was a “snow day.” The weather crew predicted 4-6 inches of snow and we were all extremely excited about it! And if it would not have snowed and we would have all been at work today, it would have been absolute hell!

As you can see, it was pretty pitiful… and there was no sledding to be had. I went on a walk with my mom. She attempted to start a snow ball fight, but to know avail.

Here’s me infront of a Magnolia tree – by the time we walked back by it, ALL the snow was already gone. I must say it was pretty bad this morning, even the University canceled classes which is pretty rare…

Any way, I worked from home today, which is always nice! Hopefully this is the real end of winter. I’m very ready for warm weather, patios and margaritas – not that you can’t have margaritas in the winter but they just aren’t the same without the patio!


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