Fake Eyelashes!

I’ve always LOVED fake eyelashes and all the power that comes with them! However, I’ve never been to keen on putting them on myself… I’ve had them done before but, again, have not been able to successfully apply them all on my own. Jennifer wears them all the time and she is a super pro at putting them on which I’ve always envied.

Well Friday night for Pink Trash Ball, I won the battle! I successfully applied some FABULOUS wild fake eyelashes. My tip – drink a few oz of liquid courage prior to application!

Here are the one’s I used – Make Up Forever from Sephora- I really like them, they were very easy… and below is the end result… I part my hair on the left so it kept brushing against the feathery end, but other than that there were no issues what so ever!

Randy Rogers Band

Thursday, the Randy Rogers Band played at George’s Majestic Lounge on Dickson. It was the 81st Anniversary of George’s and it was packed! Luckily, between all the people we knew going, there were 3 tables right by each other which worked out very well. Randy Rogers Band is very fun and much to our chagrin, becoming more popular which means more and more people pack into the venue, but hopefully that only means he’ll come back more often!

As this was my birthday eve, Heather brought a cake to share with everyone at midnight… it was very sweet of her to do and a great way to kick off my actual birthday! Sorry… no pictures of this cake…


So in case you haven’t heard, I officially started my new job at Tyson. I’m the newest member of the Corporate Marketing Brand Management Team. I will have responsibility for the Digital Media aspect of all things Tyson. I’m super excited about my upcoming projects and diving into a new world of marketing.

An added bonus is that my commute is so much shorter – only 7.6 miles from my house and it takes only about 15 minutes! That’s such a huge improvement over driving to Bentonville everyday. The parking lot is about 200 paces from the door to my area and I have windows all around!

Lots of other new things as well – I am joining Jr. League of Northwest Arkansas which will be great for me to continue my passion for volunteering in the local community. I’ve also started playing Bunco and joined a book club! Race for the Cure 2009 meetings start this month as well so my calendar is very full!

I’m SUPER ready for football season and glad I have something to look forward to each week!

Weekend Update

I had a very busy weekend this past week – and an interesting week to say the least – here are the highlights!
Wednesday I went to renew my driver’s license – always a good time to be had at the DMV! My last picture was really good, so I made sure to practice really hard for this one too. After many, many self portraits with the ever present digital camera, I felt confident I could master a smile that did not look fake and that I would be OK with for the next 4 years… So I headed out. I waltzed into the DMV and grabbed a ticket # and was immediately served (yes, hell must be freezing over). The attendant took my picture and jokingly asked “Did you practice” – yes mam I did! She wasn’t prepared for me to say Yes I think but she just sorta laughed…and I was on my way.

Friday, I headed to B’ville to get my hair cut. Lindsey and Stella came and hung out for the 3 hour event. I think I saw them more last week than I have in the past 6 months and Stella is out of her French stage.
Then Friday evening was our Junior League New Member retreat at Mt. Sequoyah. Erin and I headed up the hill to the lodge area where we spent the next 18 hours learning all about the year ahead of us with the Junior League. It was a great evening and morning. We did some volunteer work on Saturday which is always very rewarding. I’m very excited to be a part of this great group of women and to meet so many new people in Northwest Arkansas!

Saturday evening we had plans to go to Shogun with Dan and Michelle and Lane and Mark came along as well. It was tasty as always! Dan is also lucky enough to receive the distinction of having a “notable quote” on the column to the right…Then we headed down to Dickson Street to see the local favorite Maud Crawford. Brad and Jennifer were there and had a front row table saved which was great!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day – didn’t roll out of bed until about noon. Amanda and Suzanne had a pool party which I was supposed to bring a dessert to, I was stoked about some banana pudding but it didn’t really turn out that well – it looked a little more like banana soup so that was scratched. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool …

Things I believe in…

    This is a totally random list of things that I think are important in life

    – for me.

    They may not be for everyone, but hey, this is MY blog…

  • always sending thank you notes
  • being on time
  • planning ahead
  • … but still leaving room for spontaneity aka drama!
  • celebrating birthdays in a big way, any year every year
  • don’t give a gift you wouldn’t like to receive yourself … or buy for yourself
  • having a signature piece of flair
  • parties should always have a theme
  • Tailgating, even if you don’t go to the game, it’s ok to plan that from the beginning too
  • I was baking cupcakes before cupcakes were cool!
  • love at first site probably does exist but most of us are all too silly to realize it
  • what alcohol can’t cure, shopping can
  • you should be well versed enough to cuss someone out with actually cussing and without them really knowing you are
  • you should expirement in the kitchen – Taco Bell is pretty much always open if you burn something – that gives plenty of time to air out the house while you are gone too.
  • VOTE!!!
  • you should have a dog before you have children
  • yes, you really can relate everything in life to any number of episodes of Sex and the City!
  • babies and husbands do NOT make you complete, nor do your friends have to like them, they are both fulfilling and wonderful but not the only answer to a perfect life
  • no one has the perfect life
  • everyone has a 6th or even 7th sense to know when something is not right with you or with your friends – USE IT!
  • be loud, it normally works out well
  • there is always something to watch on Food Network and the History Channel
  • baking for someone is always appreciated
  • ghosts really do exist
  • Catholic School is a good thing!
  • you should always have TWO books in mind in case you are ever asked what’s the last book you read
  • the limb you’re out on… it might break, no matter how high up you are
  • you don’t have to buy something off the registry if you don’t want to, just make sure your gift is great
  • wrapping is part of the gift
  • always give to local charities
  • we should try to fix our own country before we try to save the world
  • Karma is HUGE and it will kick you ass – there are different kinds of Karma, I’ve learned parking karma at work from Nancy, Liz and I strive to achieve the highest level of dog karma
  • shopping in each others closets is one of the best ideas we’ve ever had
  • no matter what religion you are, you should read The Bible – that’s on my list of things to do – I admire my mother for having done this multiple times
  • Your true friends will always be there for you no matter what, men will not be so make sure your man is your best friend!

click next…

I thought it would be a fun and inspiring experiment to click the “next” button on the blogger dashboard… Here’s some interesting things I found as well as some other stuff worth thinking about.

  • there are a lot of blogs en espanol! no hablo!!! je cependant parle fran├žais
  • check out this cool picture – take note – I want this shot, when and if I ever get married, sans the brown hair
  • I LOVE baby piglets!!!

  • people (including me) need better photography skills
  • Lindsey has some competition with Little Snails and Pony Tails…http://littlesnailsandponytails.blogspot.com/
  • great quote: “Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue. Be the PIGEON!”
  • a bunch of if’s – if Mike had a Wimerimer (he hates them), if Mike had a really bad hair cut (which he does not) and if Mike had really poor taste in decor, not sure about that one, I don’t think so but who would ever know? THIS WOULD BE TRUE…
  • someone named their child Korde, eh… but I do like the name Finn
  • ilovepinkmink.blogspot.com is not as cool as it should be neither is stylecocktail.blogspot.com
  • i’m sad that i already know that mike won’t be here on my birthday
  • i’m really tired of watching how candy is made – it’s all the same – damn unwrapped!
  • i’m so very ready to go back to VEGAS and can’t wait to go to NYC in December although not ready to skip spring and summer
  • there is some tacky ass jewelry hawked on TV – STAY AWAY!
  • Michelle needs to check out kbstamps.blogspot.com, make her own blog and post her way better stuff!!!
  • someone’s typical day is swimming, Wal-Mart and bridge… AWESOME!
  • there are some super cute puppies and some not so cute kids – yes I know I’m probably now destined to have not so cute kids – please lie to me, but don’t dare say they are happy babies!
  • there is a blog dedicated to the weather patterns in KC – it’s always f-ing COLD!!! there blogdone luvbye!
  • drug court with Judge Gunn is on public access tonight (it may be on every night actually)- anyway… some one actually came up to my mom the other night at dinner and told her that they were watching aforementioned “show” and that they saw “billy” (former student) on drug court – for reals? that just happened! Don’t be on drug court because this person WILL see you, she WILL tell my mom…
  • there is a baby girl name Lochlan – too close to the Lochness monster… bad idea YOU MUST THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS how will names come back to haunt your teenage daughter?

So that pretty much wraps it up – musings for the evening. I think that was a fun and productive test of personality!

job update – wait there isn’t one…

yeah well that pretty much sums it up.

However, I’ve stayed EXTREMELY busy with Race for the Cure, so it might really a good thing I don’t have a job but still have all the resources at “work” to use. I now have added “stellar GAP-style t-shirt folder” to my resume after folding the Wal-Mart team shirts for the Race – I have 2,200 people on my team, so that’s quite a large amount of shirts. I’m really excited about how well our Race campaign went this year, we beat our participation goal by 100%!!!

I hope to hear something about the project management team lead this week (so that ends tomorrow…)I actually have remained pretty positive and really do believe I’ll be “taken care of.”
Anyway, thanks to everyone who is concerned and thinking about me and praying for me – I need it and I sure know it helps. I’m confident it will all work out – but as everyone is well aware – I’m not all that patient so …HURRY UP ALREADY!

Minus Blogspot

Quick Update – I’m trying to ditch the .blogspot – I’m not sure how to do this though. I bought the name, guess what http://www.graciefabulous.com/ IS available. So very exciting.

But I can’t get the two to connect. ugh. double ugh.

So it may be a few days before they connect and you are not re-directed to the godaddy.com site.

Name Change

So I’ve decided to change my blog name – I hope this doesn’t mess anyone up… I know there are soooo many people that I’m sure have this book marked. Any way I have decided to do this because after finishing reading Bitter is the New Black – I really didn’t like the ending and liked even less the political views of the author. If you haven’t read the book, I’m not saying don’t read it – still a very funny read, but it really makes you think about the future of society – mainly from a political aspect. Or maybe I’m just a big geek – this is highly possible.

It was a pretty simple name change – Fabulous IS my word – I say it all the time, people on my team are trying to steal the usage of this word, but it just doesn’t work for them. Oh well.

Anyway, I’m printing off invitations for a party I am co-hosting in February – we’re having a Stock the Bar Party for some friends – the theme is Olive Us Are Getting Together! I sooo very much love the theme – see! drinking can lead to quite the creative mindset! I bought some big green paper lanternes and am going to have red helium balloons blown up inside of them so that they will look like olives and then have them floating all around. Also I’m going to have recipes for martinis and other fabulous drinks around in fun little picture clips. It’s going to be a blast and I’m so glad Brittany and Amanda are in this with me! I can’t wait.

Wow, I really am a slacker!

Yeah, so I haven’t written anything in a while. Anyway – a big, fat thanks goes out to Elizabeth for the reminder of the Taco Bell incident – I may not have remembered that, but she always knows how to make a girl feel good! Ha!

So this week I actually did pretty good – I want you to know that I (yes ME) turned down biscuits from Popeye’s – that is EXTREMELY hard to do! Mike wanted to go to Friday’s on Friday…(take this time to laugh at me, I know…) anyway I was very good there – I only had one drink, may have been the size of my head, but only one then I had grilled shrimp and broccoli! It was yummy. AND I haven’t had any taco bell this weekend – YAY me! I’ve also lost 3 pounds.

Big news of the week – Hilary won New Hampshire – VERY exciting! I’m thinking it was a bad idea for Kerry to back Obama, don’t you think it looks bad for Kerry to not even back the man he would have had for his own running mate — he should have at least waited til Edwards dropped out because Hilary beat the crap out of him. I think this country is ready for a Hilary/Obama ’08 ticket!

I’m trying to popularize the slogan: Hilary/Obama – I don’t care who’s on top.
Spread the word!!!

In other large news – since Christmas I know 3 people who have had babies – Lynn and Mikel had Mikel Dunning, Darla and Kevin had Anna Claire and Diana and Thomas had Chace Thomas. And for those of you who are not attached to entertainment news – Nicole Ritche had Harlow Winter Kate and Christina Aguliera had Max Liron – I really like those two names and am glad they were not called Heroin or Pomegranate or something like that…

Pretty much at all times in the past 3 years more than 80% of my friends have been pregnant. I have now decided to wait until my friends kids are old enough to baby sit before I have any of my own. I think that’s fair!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

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