First things first…

OK! This is my very first blog posting… nothing special. And FYI, the name of said blog could change, but here’s how it came about. I’m reading a FABULOUS book – Bitter Is The New Black by Jenn Lancaster, she has a blog I chose my blog name to model a bit after hers but also it has a few more idiosyncrasies to it. Vane (and it’s spelling) having double intentions. I hope to be of some guidance if nothing else in how not to act in certain situations or maybe how to better take yourself seriously or more lightly, depending on how you deciphered that — good luck! Vane also for the ever present vanity that we come into extremely close encounters with each day – hey it happens, I know it, you know it, the American paparatzi, glitterati and the rest of the free world know it. So that’s how this thing came about.

I am plannin to use it to hopefully free up some aggressions and also I’m going to use it as a food diary – I have to shed about 30 so pounds prior my high school reunion this summer! NO, I promise not to bore you with a list of boring foods on a daily basis, I actually hope to use this as the outlet and more of a reminder to keep my food diary going.

So here’s to my maiden voyage on this blog-mobile!

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