Wow, I really am a slacker!

Yeah, so I haven’t written anything in a while. Anyway – a big, fat thanks goes out to Elizabeth for the reminder of the Taco Bell incident – I may not have remembered that, but she always knows how to make a girl feel good! Ha!

So this week I actually did pretty good – I want you to know that I (yes ME) turned down biscuits from Popeye’s – that is EXTREMELY hard to do! Mike wanted to go to Friday’s on Friday…(take this time to laugh at me, I know…) anyway I was very good there – I only had one drink, may have been the size of my head, but only one then I had grilled shrimp and broccoli! It was yummy. AND I haven’t had any taco bell this weekend – YAY me! I’ve also lost 3 pounds.

Big news of the week – Hilary won New Hampshire – VERY exciting! I’m thinking it was a bad idea for Kerry to back Obama, don’t you think it looks bad for Kerry to not even back the man he would have had for his own running mate — he should have at least waited til Edwards dropped out because Hilary beat the crap out of him. I think this country is ready for a Hilary/Obama ’08 ticket!

I’m trying to popularize the slogan: Hilary/Obama – I don’t care who’s on top.
Spread the word!!!

In other large news – since Christmas I know 3 people who have had babies – Lynn and Mikel had Mikel Dunning, Darla and Kevin had Anna Claire and Diana and Thomas had Chace Thomas. And for those of you who are not attached to entertainment news – Nicole Ritche had Harlow Winter Kate and Christina Aguliera had Max Liron – I really like those two names and am glad they were not called Heroin or Pomegranate or something like that…

Pretty much at all times in the past 3 years more than 80% of my friends have been pregnant. I have now decided to wait until my friends kids are old enough to baby sit before I have any of my own. I think that’s fair!

Have a fabulous week everyone!


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