Snowstorm coming? Don’t forget the carrots!

Well we survived the great blizzard of 2010 with no power outages or other disasters other than gaining about 7 pounds in 5 days.

I was über prepared in that I made 2 kinds of soup and chili and a whole pant load of sweets ranging from peanut butter cookies to rice krispie treats to honey butter biscuits. I had bread and peanut butter and lots and lots of wine. I was READY for the 4-6 days of predicted power outages. I would not be stuck again without tasty snacks and more importantly enough wine to last through it all again. Last year was terrible…

So of course, there were only about 100 power outages total reported in Fayetteville. Yet I still managed to inhale all of the food I made and most of what was in the kitchen that I could lay my eyes on. We haven’t left the house since Thursday… the madness continues.

Our streets in our neighborhood have not been touched – the only reason I can figure is that since we are flanked by schools the city see no need to clear the streets since kids aren’t coming in, no one needs to get out. I’m fortunate that I can and am able to work from home which actually serves as a quiet zone and a way to get caught up on projects etc.

I was featured in the paper and didn’t even leave my house – ah the power of the interwebs! … and knowing people on staff.

I can’t say have gone completely stir crazy – we had a wonderful time playing scrabble with Barnes’ and the Strickland’s. We actually purchased the board game to potentially fill the void of WORDS with Friends should the power actually go out for more than 5 minutes – there would be no surviving that. So Mike and I bundled up and took a little walk through the neighborhood – it was so quiet and still and actually not all that cold since we were dressed like abominable snow people. Upon arrival we opened bottles of wine and feasted on some super tasty extra cheesy and cream chicken soup!!! We commenced to playing Scrabble and all decided that Words With Friends is much easier … and better… there’s no pressure on le iPhone!

On Sunday we finally got around to going outside to “play.” We made 3 snow peopleque items. They were kinda sad which brings me to my title point of CARROTS. I didn’t have anything to make appendages or facial features. I used coke bottle caps as eyes and then gave up searching.

Had I had carrots in the fridge, not only would I have had something to decorate our snow things AND I might have thought twice about eating everything in sight…

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  1. You were featured in the paper?!? SO cool! And I am ridiculously glad that the weather didn’t have the same effect as last year. Last year was AWFUL!!!

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