No, it’s not just a holiday – it’s a place!

Some things I learned on my trip to Boston and Worcester:

  • I will NEVER complain about traffic again
  • Hooked on phonics is a big, fat lie
  • {from watching stellar gymnasts} if you stumble in your routine, as long as you pop up and throw your hands up in a solid finish, everything is OK!

Starting with the last point, I went to Worcester to attend the Tyson American Cup – fitting since I work for Tyson. Ha. I couldn’t touch my toes if you had a gun to my head. So you can only imagine my amazement at the flips and twists and other feats of gravity defiance displayed by some of the worlds best gymnasts.

Moving on, the host town of TAC was Worcester, Massachusetts – claim to fame is it’s the second largest city in Massachusetts … really, it’s on their website. I can tell you the place is not to be pronounced war-ches-ter and as I was warned, I will warn you too, you will apparently get shot by saying it that way. Thus it was one of my quieter weekend. I had to strictly refrain from saying things such as “hey y’all” and “jeet yet” and “those biscuits and gravy are so lip smackin’ good, they’ll make you slap your mamma.”

Worcester (pronounced /ˈwʊstər/) is a city in Worcester CountyMassachusettsUnited States. Named afterWorcesterEngland, the city had a population of 182,596, making it the estimated second largest city in New England.[1]a[›] It is the county seat of Worcester County.[2] Worcester is located approximately 40 miles west ofBoston.

Thanks wiki, for that lesson. As we just learned, Worcester is 40 miles west of Boston. To partake in this 40 mile adventure you must travel on the MassPike – a 4 lane wide parking lot. It took me 2.25 hours to travel that 40 miles = ridiculous!

The gymnastics meet was awesome and I got the added bonus of feeling tall for once in my life.

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