Ask and ye shall receive through social media

A few weeks ago I face book posted about my irritation with Walmart about their packing of wine bottles.

The story is this…

In January, one of our Supercenters were granted legal rights to sell beer and wine – this is a BIG deal being in the heart of the Bible Belt – you can’t by alcohol in any place in NWA except the liquor store.
So with the pending snow forecast I went to Walmart with everyone else to stock up on milk and soup and chips and other junk food when I remembered I could buy wine … WINE – a must have if you are going to be stuck at home. Ok who are we kidding, it’s always a must have but you should double or triple up for a snow day or potential snow day or chance of rain or if the stars are going to be out …

I get to the check out and hand the checker my recycled bags to use to bag my junk food collection.  When she gets to my wine, {which I had nestled in my coat in the child safety seat so it wouldn’t rattle and alert to everyone rationing out crackers that I was just planning on staying drunk through my potential snow day} she wasn’t sure what to do. So she took each of my many bottles of wine and wrapped them in not one, not two, not three but four plastic bags each. I appreciated her care for my precious commodity but that ended up being 20 additional bags that ended up in my recycled bag.

I got home and did what every passive aggressive person does – face book about it. I got quite a few comments about this dilemma and potential solutions. Then to my delight, one of my friends {P} offered to send me some of her fabulous sectioned recycled bags made just for wine!

Well I received my bags today and I just CAN NOT WAIT TO USE THEM!!!

This really is a great bag – I encourage you to suggest your local retailer or liquor store to adopt this type bag. P’s liquor store gives them away for free when you buy 6 bottles – and really that’s not hard to accomplish ever.
Here’s a pic with an already opened bottle – hence why I could not rush out tonight and fill the bag up – there’s always tomorrow!
PS – I didn’t even get my snow day – but the wine still magically disappeared!


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