Baggies of white powder … for your hair

We all know baby powder and cornstarch are great for a quick fix to oily hair. You know that right? Well now you do. And I’ve read recently many people suggest to keep a little bit with you in a snack size baggie at all times.

But what happens when you have that little baggie of white powder in your car and you happen to get pulled over for maybe going 5 miles over the speed limit, or some other slight infraction of the law?
I don’t know either, but it’s something to think about!

Ask and ye shall receive through social media

A few weeks ago I face book posted about my irritation with Walmart about their packing of wine bottles.

The story is this…

In January, one of our Supercenters were granted legal rights to sell beer and wine – this is a BIG deal being in the heart of the Bible Belt – you can’t by alcohol in any place in NWA except the liquor store.
So with the pending snow forecast I went to Walmart with everyone else to stock up on milk and soup and chips and other junk food when I remembered I could buy wine … WINE – a must have if you are going to be stuck at home. Ok who are we kidding, it’s always a must have but you should double or triple up for a snow day or potential snow day or chance of rain or if the stars are going to be out …

I get to the check out and hand the checker my recycled bags to use to bag my junk food collection.  When she gets to my wine, {which I had nestled in my coat in the child safety seat so it wouldn’t rattle and alert to everyone rationing out crackers that I was just planning on staying drunk through my potential snow day} she wasn’t sure what to do. So she took each of my many bottles of wine and wrapped them in not one, not two, not three but four plastic bags each. I appreciated her care for my precious commodity but that ended up being 20 additional bags that ended up in my recycled bag.

I got home and did what every passive aggressive person does – face book about it. I got quite a few comments about this dilemma and potential solutions. Then to my delight, one of my friends {P} offered to send me some of her fabulous sectioned recycled bags made just for wine!

Well I received my bags today and I just CAN NOT WAIT TO USE THEM!!!

This really is a great bag – I encourage you to suggest your local retailer or liquor store to adopt this type bag. P’s liquor store gives them away for free when you buy 6 bottles – and really that’s not hard to accomplish ever.
Here’s a pic with an already opened bottle – hence why I could not rush out tonight and fill the bag up – there’s always tomorrow!
PS – I didn’t even get my snow day – but the wine still magically disappeared!

Helpful hint for the day!

Do you have out of date personalized address labels lying around? Or even just ugly ones that you get as a “fabulous free gift” for some reason or another. If so, bring them to work and use them to label your frozen meals for lunch with your name so no one steals them.

I’m sure that someone else has probably thought of this but I just thought of it so I don’t have anyone to attribute it to. I just got tired of writing my name on every single facing of my frozen meals. That’s the only way they won’t get eaten by someone else.

This is why I DON’T clean out my car…

I cleaned out my car this past weekend, which consisted mainly of emptying out all the shoes… I learned yesterday this was a shitty idea. I was walking down the stairs to head to lunch and not quite sure what happened but my right foot went one way and the rest of me went another way and I fell on my ass all the way down the stairs. Fortunately I didn’t have my phone or sunglasses in my hands or they probably would have gone flying or have shattered as my hands hit the stair floor. I sat there for just a bit and concluded I was all still in one piece and just got up and picked up my spilled purse and headed down the 2 more flights of stairs – minus my super tall shoes. I left for lunch and tried to calm down … tanning helped, tanning always helps! So when I got back to the parking lot I was all set to grab some flippie floppies out of the car to wear the rest of the day. That didn’t happen because I took everything out of my car. I was very very sad!

My left leg and elbow are still pretty sore and I have a rockin’ bruise on my hipal area, but other than that, no lasting damage.

Self Tanner … and apparently how to remove self tanner

I LOVE THE TANNING BED! I have an addiction… the first step is admitting you have a problem, I know this.

I’m trying to cut back, which means for me going maybe only once a week. So I’ve been looking for alternatives, and I like what I’ve found.

Jergens makes a great lotion: Natural Glow Express. I use this at night because it does still have that salty smell… so you don’t want to use this at the start of your day. Showering in the morning works just fine so you don’t smell like salty self tanner.

In the mornings I use Neutrogena Micro Mist Tanning spray. It’s great because it is such a fine mist.I’ve been pretty good so far to avoid streaks and splotches so I haven’t had to frantically scour the Internet to find some crazy way to instantly remove self tanner short of bleaching your skin. However, I stumbled upon a remarkable way to, if not remove it, at least even it out a bit.

I use Envi shave gel, it cheap and gets the job done and doesn’t smell like a funeral parlor or like the drink I may have had last night – both key in picking scents of anything! I love flowers and I love to drink, just read most of my blog, but I don’t want my beauty products to take me overboard with either of those elements. (I use the blue one…)

Anyway, as I was using above product this morning, I noticed that most of my tan was coming off as well in the razor… albeit, shaving is an agent of exfoliation. I have now realized that it seemed to even things out and I am not too pale, so I am assuming it did not scrape off any epidermial layers – yes I think I made that word up – thanks House and Grey’s Anatomy.

So, there’s my lesson for the day – notsomuch a way to remove, but a good 3 step process to ensure that your self tanning experience does not go the way of Ross Geller.

Brake Parts Cleaner

I learned a valuable lesson this week and feel compelled to share it with you!
IF you happen to drive down a road with a sign that says FRESH OIL… I now know what will take the oil off your car.

I did this a few weeks back… They are repaving all the roads in Fayetteville and it was time to repave the road at the bottom of the hill. I really had no option, I had to get on the road even though it said fresh oil. I thought, how bad can it be? VERY BAD!!! I had oil all over my car. Obviously, the car wash would have been useless as well all know oil and water don’t mix. I called around for some estimates to get it off and was astounded to hear it would be upwards of $150. But on one call the guy told me to use break parts cleaner. So I rode down to Walmart in my two tone car and bought 2 cans of the stuff – $1.50 each. I tried to hype myself up for lots of elbow grease. To my surprise, it wasn’t that tough to get off – a bit of force but not too much.

So there’s your lesson for the day boys and girls – I hope you can use this if you need it or pass it along…

Garage Sale update and notice of Resale Shops NOT to shop at!!!

My sale was a great success! I got rid of so much stuff. It’s always amazing what people will buy and what they won’t… in total I made about a $1000 so I think I win!

I was a bit disappointed that more of my clothes didn’t sell, but that just wasn’t the clientele of my sale – clearly the boat mention in the adds drew a different crowd – they weren’t interested in my clothes. So my great plan was to take my remaining clothes to a resale shop. I went through the lot piece by piece and folded it neatly and took strict inventory. I went ahead and took the t-shirts and other plain items to Goodwill. By my calculations, at and average of $5 a piece, I was expecting $700 total, but would be happy with $500 if they took it all.

My first stop was Plato’s Closet in Fayetteville. I was there as it opened but was not the first one in line to sell clothes – no worries, I waited… when it was my turn, I helped get all my bags onto the counter and then was told it would be about 30 minutes and I could leave if I wanted – NO WAY – I stayed very close to my clothes. They had no interest in my formal dresses nor my business attire, but I had plenty of “going out clothes” to last someone a few years…. well, out of 85 pieces that she sorted through, she only was interested in 14 and was only going to offer me $37.10 for them – WHAT? really? I told her no thank you and that the pair of boots she personally wanted cost 3 times that to begin with and there was not anyway I was going to take the insult of $2 a piece! I’d rather give it away that that!!!

2nd stop was a place in Bentonville “Check My Closet.” I remember that’s where lots of people in High School would go to buy their homecoming and prom dresses so I thought this would be a great place to sell my formals and my suits, etc. NO! WRONG AGAIN!!!! The owner of this shop could not have been any ruder to me (and Melanie was with me too). It was ridiculous.

So here’s my plan – I’m keepin’ the clothes and will have another great sale one weekend in September when there is not a football game! However, if you are interested in a private showing, or are in need of a formal (sizes 2 and 4 and 6), feel free to give me a ring!!! I’ll hook you up!

So all in all, the sale was good, as I mentioned earlier. I do want to say a special thank you to Lindsey and Jason… they helped me move ALL of my crap from Dallas – they are great friends to have done that AND still talk to me today!!! Love you both!

Things I believe in…

    This is a totally random list of things that I think are important in life

    – for me.

    They may not be for everyone, but hey, this is MY blog…

  • always sending thank you notes
  • being on time
  • planning ahead
  • … but still leaving room for spontaneity aka drama!
  • celebrating birthdays in a big way, any year every year
  • don’t give a gift you wouldn’t like to receive yourself … or buy for yourself
  • having a signature piece of flair
  • parties should always have a theme
  • Tailgating, even if you don’t go to the game, it’s ok to plan that from the beginning too
  • I was baking cupcakes before cupcakes were cool!
  • love at first site probably does exist but most of us are all too silly to realize it
  • what alcohol can’t cure, shopping can
  • you should be well versed enough to cuss someone out with actually cussing and without them really knowing you are
  • you should expirement in the kitchen – Taco Bell is pretty much always open if you burn something – that gives plenty of time to air out the house while you are gone too.
  • VOTE!!!
  • you should have a dog before you have children
  • yes, you really can relate everything in life to any number of episodes of Sex and the City!
  • babies and husbands do NOT make you complete, nor do your friends have to like them, they are both fulfilling and wonderful but not the only answer to a perfect life
  • no one has the perfect life
  • everyone has a 6th or even 7th sense to know when something is not right with you or with your friends – USE IT!
  • be loud, it normally works out well
  • there is always something to watch on Food Network and the History Channel
  • baking for someone is always appreciated
  • ghosts really do exist
  • Catholic School is a good thing!
  • you should always have TWO books in mind in case you are ever asked what’s the last book you read
  • the limb you’re out on… it might break, no matter how high up you are
  • you don’t have to buy something off the registry if you don’t want to, just make sure your gift is great
  • wrapping is part of the gift
  • always give to local charities
  • we should try to fix our own country before we try to save the world
  • Karma is HUGE and it will kick you ass – there are different kinds of Karma, I’ve learned parking karma at work from Nancy, Liz and I strive to achieve the highest level of dog karma
  • shopping in each others closets is one of the best ideas we’ve ever had
  • no matter what religion you are, you should read The Bible – that’s on my list of things to do – I admire my mother for having done this multiple times
  • Your true friends will always be there for you no matter what, men will not be so make sure your man is your best friend!

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