Glitter Free Zone

Our house has recently been deemed a “glitter free zone.”  It’s a sad day without glitter but I’ll probably survive. It’s mostly all my fault that this ruling came to pass. You see one day I was deep in a craft tornado and had lovely crafty things spread out everywhere. I needed another flat, clean place and the ironing board was out, so I put some glitter coated finished product on the ironing board – seemed harmless at the time… However, long after the clouds cleared from the craft tornado, MZ needed a shirt ironed. Unsuspectingly, he placed his shirt on the ironing board and began to iron. His shirt became glitter “infested” and thus the rule of NO GLITTER was made.
So now, if I do any crafting or decorating that has to do with glitter, it has to be done on the back patio and raced through the house and out the front door and off to it’s destination, because it’s not allowed to be in the house for more than 3 minutes over all.

Remember the rule of glitter when YOU are crafting – it could get dangerous so be very very careful and appreciate your indoor glitter items!


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  1. It’s true what they say: Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. Just try getting rid of that stuff.

    (okay, “they” don’t say it. Demetri Martin says it.)

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