What I hope to do in NYC this weekend… or next week!

a) I love cupcakes – especially Magnolia Cupcakes!

b)  I love SNL – I’m sad they are not taping live this week – we’ll probably go to 30 Rock anyway because there is a Magnolia Cupcake close by (go back to a if you already forgot) and because MZ and I love 30 Rock and SNL and I love TINA FEY and hopefully one day I’ll meet her! It could happen right? 

c) EAT! I have been not eating all week so I can totally enjoy everything this weekend – I’m seriously considering taking MZ to Quality Meats because it’s so great and I want to see if he can break his own record for totally inappropriate but hilarious jokes in one sitting – I’m pretty sure that’s a dare and he can. If you don’t know what Quality Meats is, you can google it but don’t bother – check on over to the right and go to the December archive and check it out!

I’ll be google mappin it all over NYC in search of some rockin Pardo and Fundi items… 

I’m supposed to be packing right this very minute instead I’m watching this video over and over again – I am thinking about what I’m going to take though so I should totally get points for that. I’m also thinking that I’m going to have to downsize my list because I’m probably not going to be allowed to take an entire suitcase for just shoes for only 3 days …  I know MZ will not wait at baggage claim for me to pick up my shoes – I will be left at the curb…. fortunately the car service is under MY name!

I just have no clue what to pack! Normally I always just take all black, no matter what time of year, but since I’m going of my own accord and not with the agency, I feel somewhat compelled to wear color – gasp! I know! Yes, I do own clothing in other colors than black…

OK for reals yo – I’m going to listen to some Lonely Island and P-A-C-K! Promise!


2 thoughts on “What I hope to do in NYC this weekend… or next week!

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  1. Never been to NYC, but I’m sure it’s wonderful. I totally feel your pain on the packing situation. I always pack at least a weeks more clothes and shoes than I need….man I hate packing! Have fun in NY! Say hello to Tina for me!!

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