A very Danish 30th Birthday Party

Last weekend we headed north to Kansas City to celebrate AD’s 30th Birthday. It was a blast. I never pick to go to KC but always have a blast when I’m there. I love the theory of the Plaza and all the open air shopping and patios in bars and restaurants. We stayed right on the plaza and the weather on Saturday was gorgeous – a bit windy, but so nice to walk around and people watch and grab a beer or two at few local places.
That night we headed out to Mexican food at exactly what AD wanted – cheap fast 
and GOOD – it was all of that with great margaritas! 
After dinner we headed to the Power and Light District where there were some fabulous bars, we started out at Fire Fly, which is considered a modern day “speakeasy.” You had to go down a long hallway to get to the main bar – no passwords required but still… We go there just in time to secure some of the best seats in the place and our entourage took over! After a couple of hours, we moved on to 180 which had a great martini called the Grapes of Wrath – here’s a pic of me and Courtney enjoying what is probably well after our first one…

It was a tasty blend of Ciroc Grape Vodka, white grape juice and champagne – and those are not olives (EWWW) they are frozen grapes! Yummo! Also ironically appropriate as MZ thinks just buying a bottle of white grape juice and pouring vodka in it would be cheaper than the wine I drink – I’m not sure if that’s mathematically accurate, but after that martini – I’m sure willing to try it! I think the trick is to get everything uber-cold! 


Here’s a couple more girly pics and of course a picture of MZ and me… 

Sunday was bitter cold in KC – quite a drastic change from just a few hours before because I sure didn’t remember it being that cold when we left the bar – but I also couldn’t tell you where that bar was… anyway – the Plaza was dead so we were excited about our chances on getting into Cheesecake Factory for brunch. We tried to have snacks there on Saturday afternoon and there was a 30 minute wait for just the two of us, even at the bar! uh no thank you…

There was absolutely no wait and we had a delicious brunch of eggs Benedict with grilled tomatoes and spinach and MZ had bbq bacon burger, and we had to get cheesecake – we just got it to go from the start, had a few bites and hit the road. When we were leaving KC it was SNOWING! Very hard to believe we were in shorts and tank tops and sandals the day before. 
It was a great weekend and I’m so glad we all could get together to celebrate!

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