Thinking about making a change

I’m thinking about changing a couple things in my social media world.
1. I think I’m going to delete my myspace account.
2. I’m condsidering moving my blog to word press from blogger.

The first is pretty much a no-brainer, I never ever check my myspace and pretty much everyone I know is on facebook now and I like that forum much better. The only thing is that I have so many pictures on myspace, so I would have to transfer them all over to facebook – or not – I guess it really doesn’t matter. I just like to have access to all my photos and that’s a great way to always have them available!

Switching to word press from blogger is a bit different. I don’t know that much about blog publishing to begin with and I had quite a tough time just taking off the .blogspot that I’m a bit hesitant to make such a leap. it seems like everyone I know who uses word press really enjoys it and the pages look better overall. If anyone out there has any suggestions one way or the other, that would be most helpful.

I’m gonna think about both for just a bit longer and see what I come up with, hopefully any blog changes won’t be noticed outwardly…


5 thoughts on “Thinking about making a change

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  1. I have been wanting to delete my myspace account as well. But I started it with my college email account and that has been deleted since I graduated. So, I still have it. Please let us know if you move over to word press! I just convinced a friend to switch from word press to blogger!

  2. Word press is kind of funky with comments, etc. – it’s more developer friendly, but I find it’s much more of a learning curve if you’ve got a lot of the social bloggers from blogger following you… most of them need to see the normal blogger interface to feel comfortable with navigating it!

  3. WordPress is great and they even have an import function to migrate your Blogger posts and comments. In my opinion, WordPress:Blogger = Broadband:AOL

  4. Hi Gracie! Just popping in to say hello and offer my two cents – deleting your myspace page is a necessity and fabulous social media therapy, it’ll feel like a load off your back, I promise. Secondly, I’m thinking of starting a personal blog and will DEFINITELY use WordPress, you’re brilliant to be considering the switch. Good luck! 🙂 Britt

  5. I’ve been thinking about deleting my myspace too. The only time I really log on is because of friends that refuse to sign up for facebook. It’s kind of annoying though…because I don’t really like myspace. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and take the plunge and delete. I mean, facebook is so much better.

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