The Ghost of Christmas Past

I never really gave a full recount of Christmas. It was a very nice holiday season this year. My mother was elated because my sister is finally home from Chile and so now, we can start celebrating holidays again. Secret yay for me since we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving… MZ and I went to a few parties. I am sad that neither or our offices had work parties – those always make for a good story.
Here’s a recount of some of the those more social events…
One party we went to has a tradition every year of playing Dirty Santa with Alcohol – where everyone brings an alcoholic gift and then we play the mean swapping game with all the libations. Last year we were supreme winners in that MZ got a bottle of Glinlivit and I got a rather expensive bottle of rum. We acquired the Glinlivit because the guy who brought it wasn’t quite told the full rules of the game and he thought he was more bringing it to drink and possibly share, not to be stolen mercifulessly from someone … but after our calculated rounds to make sure we were the big winners MZ still shared the bottle with everyone. I should say that last year we brought a bottle of Pucker and something else equally atrocious. Therefore, we totally came out ahead on that one. This year I would say we faired pretty well again. We came away with a bottle of Hypnotic and a bottle of some sort of whiskey. We came with some type of off brand Jaeger – yes, it was equally disgusting when shot alone; and I actually don’t remember what else we brought… oh well.
Our Jr. League New Member group had an ornament exchange Happy Hour one evening at Hog Haus. It was a great time and good to see everyone and relax since December was so busy. I really wish more people would have come, it was a great time!

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