Super Bowl XLIII ~ 2009

MZ and I went to one of the best Super Bowl Parties yesterday and it was one of the best Super Bowls I can remember as well.
Danielle and Randall had a couple of groups at their house, Tailgating folk and Work folk… Such a great crowd all around.
Nothing could beat the great food either – Randall is a superb cook, he made yummy grilled chicken, chicken wings, pork loin sandwiches with a super tasty oniony peachy something sauce and appropriately coined “heart attack” potatoes – they have cheese and bacon and all kinds of other artery clogging additives – YUMMMMMM! There were about 6 kinds of dips and chips, etc. AND AB made “Death by Chocolate” which brought all the goodness together! I didn’t really care who won and didn’t have any loyalty to either team so I wore my Bears shirt and my Cowboy boots with the rationale that neither Arizona nor Pittsburgh played the Bears, so of course the Bears would have won it all, and well I have to support the Cowboys, why not? There were some pretty passionate Steelers fans and then some pretty passionate fans who would have cheered for anyone but the Steelers, I can’t say that anyone there REALLY REALLY wanted the Cardinals to win because they cheered for them all season long, they just wanted to see the Steelers get crushed. Oh well…

And really, everyone knows I really only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials! I was a bit underwhelmed this year. There were some good ones, but nothing I was super excited about. I did LOVE the Miller High Life 1 second ad and the ad with the screaming woman and the Koala bear. Budweiser had some good ads as well, a fetching Clydesdale and then the circus pony one… the 3D ads were pretty cool too!

What was YOUR favorite ad?

All in all, no matter who won, after the week our community has had, it was so nice to all be together, warm and with electricity!
Thanks to R and D for hosting a great gathering!!!


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