Carmines! Texas and Trinidad… all from our center booth

One of the things on “THE LIST” was to eat at Carmines – known for their family style service and fantastic food! Well we tried to get on the list, however the earliest we could get a table was Monday night… well that just wouldn’t work! SO after all we had done in just one evening, we thought we’d just pop in to have A drink – simple math, science and physics and every other law tells you that 5 girls on vacay can not have just ONE drink… We got a great table upstairs and had a really funny waiter –Trinidad. He sure got a kick out a bunch of Southern girls. The upstairs floor manager was from Texas and also had a fond appreciation for us! Any time we would need something we would just yell for either of them and they’d be at our side, normally already with drinks in hand! They were fabulous! So drink after drink after shot after drink we stumbled back to our hotel and learned all about some green olive sandwiches from Brittany – fyi those consist of mayo and green olives on a hot dog bun and they must be washed down with a Dr. Pepper! Our plan for the next day was to hit the TODAY show and get on TV … but it was about 3 in the morning and we were going on no sleep in 24 hours…


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