Off to NYC!!!

Well, it’s T – 4 hours until the THSC Girls® are on the road to being to the airport to fly through Chicago to get to NYC!
I’m very excited!

I made a very handy “nerd spreadsheet outfit tracking chart.” It came in very handy while packing and was essential in preventing me from over packing and leaving plenty of room for SHOPPING!!!!!!!!

Sorry I will not be able to blog from the road – can’t figure how to do it from the black berry – that’s another reason why I kinda want an iphone or maybe just an ipod touch…

Anyways, if you are my Facebook buddy – check out the right side if you want to be… I’ll be uploading pictures there as we go!

I’m super also excited because I made fun little crafties for all the girls too – but no pictures – don’t to ruin the whole surprise. But I think everyone is too busy with last minute errands and packing to read blogs this afternoon.

Look for lots of fun updates and pictures next week. Also too, I hope we don’t get hijacked by pirates – it could happen ya know!


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