Red Lips are not for me!

A few times every year I try a couple of new red lip items … gloss, matte, you name it, I’ve tried it. And every, single time, it’s a miserable and sad fail which no one should ever have to experience.

Thankfully over the years, I’ve just started trying the ones from Walmart, long gone are the days of testing out anything at Sephora and risk the fear in the eyes of the workers and shoppers alike as I scramble to find something, anything, to remove the awfulness that I’ve attempted to put on my face.

You see, not only does the color NEVER work for me, I just can’t wear lipstick – it ALWAYS ends up somewhere between my nose and left temple. No matter the amount of lip liner, the stuff is going to migrate just like geese do.

I can’t say I am going to stop, but I am at least admitting I have a problem – I hear that’s the first step.


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