Welcome to 2012

2011 was pretty fabulous and I am excited to say I really believe 2012 will be equally fabulous if not more so!

… a sad Hog bowl game, Amanda’s Birthday Bash on a Bus, Paint the Town Red, a little bit of snow and ended with my first trip to Disney World! a lot more snow and temperatures of negative 15 at times! It also brought Wine and Chocolate and Kiss a Pig events, always fun to play dress up! 24 inches of snow, a THSC pub crawl, the loss of a Fayetteville icon and a wonderful trip to NYC! Lady Gaga, the M&N Augustine Easter Feed, and a royal wedding, a very scary week of tornadoes, a Little Rock crawfish boil another fabulous trip to NYC and Mike’s birthday Red White and Baby Blue, too many days over 100 degrees and not enough days on the patio at Theo’s, we became lifetime members of Crystal Bridges, Lela’s book launch of “Blacklisted from the PTA”, a quick trip to Gulf Shores for some beach time, and Presley’s birthday, WE GOT ENGAGED at Tiffany in NYC, Staci’s bachelorette party weekend in Florida and my birthday, a stock the bar party for S&P, football season and wedding planning, more football, a Zei family wedding, more wedding planning, Staci and Preston’s wedding, Thanksgiving and more wedding planning, Christmas and (you got it) more wedding planning

Yep – 2011 wasn’t all that bad!


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