I must learn to say “YES!” when asked if I want something for the pain

I am officially old… and to prove it, I got a pulled back muscle or two for my birthday.

Let me tell you it sucks. Not only does it hurt but it’s extremely scary! I wish I had some crazy story to blame like dancing on the bar or something else “wild and crazy” alas, I do not. It started hurting on Saturday afternoon and progressively got worse  through the weekend. Monday morning I got up to Advil-up and it was a quite an event to get out of bed and then I couldn’t even get a handful of water to my mouth … I already had the pills in my mouth so I just kept throwing water at my face until I got enough water in my mouth to swallow the pills. Let me tell you that was my pinnacle of hotness.

That episode scared me enough I decided it might be best to go to the doctor as I had not been able to positively e-diagnose myself. I hate going to the doctor 1: because I hate to sit in the waiting room and risk getting some hybrid disease that is a mutation of all diseases present in said waiting room 2: normally I get the instructions of go home and rest, not much I can do for you 3: I don’t appreciate that the doctor walks in and asks “how are you” – well I’m terrible, that’s why I’m here. But being that I couldn’t walk, MZ was more than happy to take me to the doctor, if for no other reason but to get a few hours of quiet for himself and to get me to quit whining.

So the doctor made me do a myriad of motions and other random questions were asked, to which I answered or jumped up and down or twisted or whatever else. And it was determined it was a pulled muscle or two and there wasn’t much he could do. I got a cortizone shot and a handful of muscle relaxer samples. He asked if I wanted something for the pain – to which I should have answered YES! but instead I just said “isn’t that what the muscle relaxers are for…” say yes say yes say yes! Next time I will say yes please…

So I’ve been in bed the past 3 days with very minimal movement. I’m finally feeling well enough today to do more than check my facebook – I can actually sit up and type which is exactly what you are reading right now.

I hope I never have to go through this again – it’s horrible!


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