Breakin’up is hard to do…

Neil Sedaka was so right – it is hard to do, but I feel it has to be done.
I must break up with my hair girl! Unfortunately, she does a stellar job so I can’t fault her there. The problem is that I NEVER EVER know how much she is going to charge me.

6 weeks ago I had my hair done and she put a bit more brown in it, did a quick razor cut to thin it out but not cut any length off it and waxed my eyebrows, for all that she only charged me $70. I just figured since I didn’t get a full cut and “style” change that was the reason for the lower price. Well I went in last week and asked for the VERY same thing, telling her how much l loved it and about the compliments, I got from the original cut.

So she did the same thing sorta, it’s a bit lighter, so not really what I asked for but not something that was worth complaining about because it looks super good. No length cut off, nothing fancy. $109???
Yeah I was shocked! I couldn’t believe the up charge. A $10 difference might be one thing, but $40 is a lot of money!
I’m sad – I don’t know who I’m going to go to now – I really trust her with my hair, unfortunately I do not trust her with my finances!


3 thoughts on “Breakin’up is hard to do…

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  1. That is brutal! How does one tactfully ask the hair dresser prior to her starting on the hair “Ummmm, how much is this going to cost? Will there be another 35% increase?”

    I just broke up with my hair dresser too. He wanted me to cut my hair into a pixie style, I refused, he was devastated that I wouldn’t do whatever he told me to do!

  2. My rule has always been. . . .if you find someone who does your hair beautifully, pay them whatever they want. Pay a king’s ransome if you must.


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