Breakin’up is hard to do…

Neil Sedaka was so right – it is hard to do, but I feel it has to be done.
I must break up with my hair girl! Unfortunately, she does a stellar job so I can’t fault her there. The problem is that I NEVER EVER know how much she is going to charge me.

6 weeks ago I had my hair done and she put a bit more brown in it, did a quick razor cut to thin it out but not cut any length off it and waxed my eyebrows, for all that she only charged me $70. I just figured since I didn’t get a full cut and “style” change that was the reason for the lower price. Well I went in last week and asked for the VERY same thing, telling her how much l loved it and about the compliments, I got from the original cut.

So she did the same thing sorta, it’s a bit lighter, so not really what I asked for but not something that was worth complaining about because it looks super good. No length cut off, nothing fancy. $109???
Yeah I was shocked! I couldn’t believe the up charge. A $10 difference might be one thing, but $40 is a lot of money!
I’m sad – I don’t know who I’m going to go to now – I really trust her with my hair, unfortunately I do not trust her with my finances!

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