It’s almost here…

That’s right folks! And that refers to quite a lot of things…

Football season is only 6 days away and I couldn’t be more excited – with the beginning of football is also the annual Crawfist Boil!
Also, for those that live close to the founding street… look for something “added” to the neighborhood flair – I just hope we don’t get arrested! But it’s gonna rock!

Along with the intro of football means my birthday – I really enjoy my birthday – not so much selfish – just fabulous! I love all birthdays, I just love mine the most! My second favorite holiday is Halloween! I also appreciate Arbor Day.

So back to football – there is a new tailgating venue that promises to be bigger and better than years past – it means another year of the Turkey Hill Social Club and the Circle of Death – some new additions the crew and a few that have made it through their first few years and have made a solid decision to continue on with the debauchery! Which I’m so very glad! =)

I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON and all that comes with it! I really do – won’t you love it too? Go Hogs!!!

Baby Scarlett is here!!!

“Scarlett Isabella Neal is here!!! The little angel arrived just after 6PM on August 20, tipping the scales at 6 lbs. 10 oz. Both mom and baby are doing great!”

I went to see Melanie and baby Woo Woo Scarlett today – she is so pretty and so very tiny! Lindsey and Stella came by too while I was there! Here are some pictures!!!

Miss Manners … I am, or atleast I play one on TV

In a long ago blog post on Mikes blog… he established that he is not Miss Manners. I, on the other hand, like to think I know a few things about how to act… some may disagree, but I doubt it. If so, let’s chat…over vodka.

There seems to be quite an abundance of double standard when it comes to what is socially correct in the realm of manners. Such as who orders first at dinner, how to set a proper buffet display and table setting, and how to win friends and influence people.
Here’s my nickel on those topics for today…
Ladies should order first, or at least start the succession of ordering, even if their are prominent members of any group there – this duty lies 99% on the server – they should just know better.
When setting food for a buffet/gathering, it should be placed in order in which it will be eaten – much like reading a book… I very recently noted a precise execution of this! Yes, you know who you are…
How to win friends and influence others is always a fun topic and a touchy subject for all parties involved. Most of us as people in general are not creatures of happy change – embrace it yes, accept it always and indefinably without reservation – NO!
The double standards jump out when things are forced…when the waiter has not a drop of formal training, when no one sets the table correctly and when anyone shows up unexpectedly and uninvited… precedence is not good – your first impressions do set standards that are hard to dig out of sometimes.
But the cure-all to every single one of these issues – you guessed it – VODKA! It’s amazing what adding a little potoato juice can do to every occasion, no matter what!

More babies…

So the first week of February is going to be very busy! Lots of babies I know will be born! I guess we can also assume that the middle of May was pretty freakin boring… Stay tuned for updates!

First and second additions to families are on their way and it’s really exciting for everyone! Congratulations!

Also here’s the list of baby mommas… in a potential birthing order… this goes back to my continuous 85th percentile of prego friends – not ALL these babies are due in February, some are due any day now.



So in case you haven’t heard, I officially started my new job at Tyson. I’m the newest member of the Corporate Marketing Brand Management Team. I will have responsibility for the Digital Media aspect of all things Tyson. I’m super excited about my upcoming projects and diving into a new world of marketing.

An added bonus is that my commute is so much shorter – only 7.6 miles from my house and it takes only about 15 minutes! That’s such a huge improvement over driving to Bentonville everyday. The parking lot is about 200 paces from the door to my area and I have windows all around!

Lots of other new things as well – I am joining Jr. League of Northwest Arkansas which will be great for me to continue my passion for volunteering in the local community. I’ve also started playing Bunco and joined a book club! Race for the Cure 2009 meetings start this month as well so my calendar is very full!

I’m SUPER ready for football season and glad I have something to look forward to each week!

Brake Parts Cleaner

I learned a valuable lesson this week and feel compelled to share it with you!
IF you happen to drive down a road with a sign that says FRESH OIL… I now know what will take the oil off your car.

I did this a few weeks back… They are repaving all the roads in Fayetteville and it was time to repave the road at the bottom of the hill. I really had no option, I had to get on the road even though it said fresh oil. I thought, how bad can it be? VERY BAD!!! I had oil all over my car. Obviously, the car wash would have been useless as well all know oil and water don’t mix. I called around for some estimates to get it off and was astounded to hear it would be upwards of $150. But on one call the guy told me to use break parts cleaner. So I rode down to Walmart in my two tone car and bought 2 cans of the stuff – $1.50 each. I tried to hype myself up for lots of elbow grease. To my surprise, it wasn’t that tough to get off – a bit of force but not too much.

So there’s your lesson for the day boys and girls – I hope you can use this if you need it or pass it along…

More animals saved…

Saturday when Mike was mowing his yard, he found a baby bird. We couldn’t do much with it since you aren’t supposed to touch them so we just left him hanging out in the shade.

Then, when we got home Saturday night, Mike found 2 frogs!

So, none of the animals were really “saved” but still our world is clearly full of all kinds of fun creatures!

Weekend Update

I had a very busy weekend this past week – and an interesting week to say the least – here are the highlights!
Wednesday I went to renew my driver’s license – always a good time to be had at the DMV! My last picture was really good, so I made sure to practice really hard for this one too. After many, many self portraits with the ever present digital camera, I felt confident I could master a smile that did not look fake and that I would be OK with for the next 4 years… So I headed out. I waltzed into the DMV and grabbed a ticket # and was immediately served (yes, hell must be freezing over). The attendant took my picture and jokingly asked “Did you practice” – yes mam I did! She wasn’t prepared for me to say Yes I think but she just sorta laughed…and I was on my way.

Friday, I headed to B’ville to get my hair cut. Lindsey and Stella came and hung out for the 3 hour event. I think I saw them more last week than I have in the past 6 months and Stella is out of her French stage.
Then Friday evening was our Junior League New Member retreat at Mt. Sequoyah. Erin and I headed up the hill to the lodge area where we spent the next 18 hours learning all about the year ahead of us with the Junior League. It was a great evening and morning. We did some volunteer work on Saturday which is always very rewarding. I’m very excited to be a part of this great group of women and to meet so many new people in Northwest Arkansas!

Saturday evening we had plans to go to Shogun with Dan and Michelle and Lane and Mark came along as well. It was tasty as always! Dan is also lucky enough to receive the distinction of having a “notable quote” on the column to the right…Then we headed down to Dickson Street to see the local favorite Maud Crawford. Brad and Jennifer were there and had a front row table saved which was great!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day – didn’t roll out of bed until about noon. Amanda and Suzanne had a pool party which I was supposed to bring a dessert to, I was stoked about some banana pudding but it didn’t really turn out that well – it looked a little more like banana soup so that was scratched. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool …

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